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Oleg & Dusan - Screen Test RAW - Full Contact

Oleg Makarov's Screentest sees him paired with Dusan Polanek. He is sitting on the sofa when Dusan arrives and they have a chat. As they chat about sex Oleg says he would like to try something with a guy. Then the two start kissing each other. Oleg removes Dusan's tee shirt and then the favor is returned. That bares Oleg's hairy chest. As they kiss they rub each other's bodies and then Dusan starts to kiss Oleg's nipples. Oleg then opens and pushes down his jeans. Dusan pulls the underwear down too, revealing Oleg's soft cock. Dusan's mouth finds the cock and starts to suck on it. He licks, kisses and wanks it as well. As Dusan sucks the cock starts to get hard. His mouth wraps tight around the cock working it well. Oleg pushes Dusan's head down on the cock as he enjoys the wet lips working on it. Then both guys get fully naked and Oleg lays along the sofa for Dusan to climb over him for a 69. Dusan's dick slides into Oleg's mouth and they suck each other. Dusan goes up on his knees and Olegs continues to taste his cock as he wanks himself. Then Dusan kneels and bends over, presenting his tight ass. Oleg gets behind him and slides his fat, hard, cock deep into the waiting ass. Dusan takes it well as Oleg fucks his hot ass. His cock opens that hole real well and then Oleg sits on the sofa and Dusan slides his ass back down on the cock. He rides up and down on the thick shaft, his own hard cock standing proudly to attention. He rides Olegs dick and wanks himself, quickly shooting his hot cum all over the place. Oleg's dick continues to fuck Dusan until he climbs off and wanks the hard cock. He wanks it hard and fast and Oleg's hot cum shoots out over hot body. Then they kiss again after having had a really hot session.

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