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Oto Opletal - Helping Hand

Oto Opletal is aged 24. This sexy straight guy is from Melnik where he works as a security guard. In his spare time he enjoys sports, martial arts and kick boxing. He looks so good as he sits on the edge of the bed and does his interview. Then Oto lays on the bed and starts to feel his body. He raises his tee shirt to rub his chest and he slides a hand into his pants. Then he is joined by a helping hand who kneels to the side and starts to feel that sexy body. The hands rub over Oto's chest and remove his tee shirt. Some oil is used to massage that sexy chest as Oto lays back and enjoys it. He gropes himself inside his pants and then gives way to the hands. Oto opens his pants and slides them down and off to reveal his soft, fat, cock and his balls. Oil is dripped onto the cock and balls and Oto rubs it in. He keeps feeling his cock as the hands slide all over his hot body. Oto's cock starts to swell as he rubs it. Then the hands take hold of the cock, applying more oil. The cock is wanked slowly and starts to grow. Oto takes hold of it and wanks it as the hands rub his balls. That cock gets nice and hard from all the attention and the balls tighten around the base. More oil is used as the hands rub Oto's chest and his balls. He keeps wanking his stiff cock as he enjoys the attention. Then his legs are raised into the air to show off his hot, hairy, ass. The cheeks are parted to expose his tight, inviting, hole. The hand rub over the ass and then drip more oil. The oil is rubbed in as the hands spread the cheeks wider, rubbing over Oto's hot hole. He wanks himself as his hot ass is shown perfectly. Then Oto reaches for his ass too rubbing the hole. The hand slides a finger deep into Oto's hole as he wanks himself. The ass is finger-fucked deep with Oto taking it well. Then he drops his legs and continues to wank is cock as more oil is applied. He releases his dick so the hands can take over. The wanking speeds up as Oto's balls get very tight. The hand keeps wanking that big cock and then Oto takes over. He really tugs his dick as hard as he can and dumps his hot, creamy, cum onto his belly as the hands run all over his sexy body. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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