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Wank Party #86, Part1 RAW - Wank Party

Wank Party #86 features Laco Meido, Tono Milos, Jan Bavor and Igor Tapak. In part one we find Laco on the bed, gagged with his wrist and ankles bound. Igor, Tono and Jan arrived and begin to torment Laco, spanking his ass, feeling his body and whipping him. Then Igor pulls Laco's underwear down to reveal his sexy ass, which he pites. Jan then attaches some clamps to the sexy ass cheeks. Tono keeps flicking with his whip as Igor parts the hairy ass cheeks. Laco is turned over and his cock is rock hard. Tono wanks it as Jan clamps the nipples with clothes pins. Tono leans forward and starts to suck on Laco's throbbing cock. Then Igor takes a turn on it too. The two of them take turns and then Tono starts groping Jan and Igor too. Jan's dick is out of his underwear and Tono wanks on it and Igor keeps sucking Laco. Jan bends forward and kisses Laco. In fact they all kiss each other as they play. Igor wanks and sucks Laco and Tono. Then Jan takes a turn on Laco's dick. The guys all get fully naked and their cocks are rock hard. Tono sucks Laco and Igor as Laco works on Jan's cock. They keep changing each sucking the others. As Igor sucks Tono Jan and Laco suck each other. As past one draws to a close Jan and Igor both enjoy Tono's rampant rod, setting everything up nicely for part 2.

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