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Wank Party #88, Part1 RAW - Wank Party

Wank Party #88 stars Tomas Befger, Miro Dalek, Kanil Banek, Adam Egner and Karel Omanak. This first part we find Kamil and Tomas in charge of a medical examinations. Miro, Adam and Karel arrive in the office at the same time and they are asked a few questions at first. Then their exam begins, with all of them being checked at the same time. Mouths are checked and then the three guys remove their teeshirts to have their chests cheked too. Both Kamil and Tomas listen to the chests, Then Kamil does a test on Karel's eyes and moves on to do Adam and Miro too. Next the guys are told to remove their jeans, and none of them are wearing underwear, so cocks are on show. Karel's cock is hard as soon as his jeans come down. Kamil examines that cock as Tomas checks Miro's. Karel's cock is softer as it is being checked. His balls are examined to. Miro's dick seems to swell as Tomas checks it. Then Kamil moves to Adam to examine his dick too. All seems to be ok and Kamil explains that they have to have their prostates checked too. So the guy kneel on the table, presenting there asses. First Kamil's oiled fingers lube Karel's hole then he pushes a finger into the tight hole as he feels the balls too. His finger goes deep into Karel's hole to check properly. Then he moves over to Miro, whos balls dangle low between his legs, and slides a finger deep into his hole. He checks the balls too and works his finger into the hole and Miro jerks as he feels it. The three guys then turn over and sit on the table. They have to wank their cock and soon all of them are rock hard. With the cocks all hard the doctors examine them, Kamil feels Karel'scock and wanks it as Tommas does the same to Miro. Adam keeps wanking his own cock as he watches the guys being wanked. Miro is enjoying the feeling and his hand reaches for Tomas who leans over and begins to kiss him. Kamil rubs himself through his pants as he continues to wank Karel. Then he kisses Karel as Tomas bends to takes Miro's cock in his mouth. Adam is emboldened by what he sees and reaches to rub Karel's leg and then to wank Kamil's cock. Miro reaches for Adam's cock and wanks it. Then it is all action as Kamil dick pokes out in front of him as he sucks Karel, who is bent over to suck Adam's cock and Tomas continues to suck Miro. Adam then draws Tomas' attention and they kiss as Tomas wanks on the stiff cock. Karel and Kamil kiss as they wank each other and Miro reaches to rub Tomas ass. Kamil moves up so that Karel can suck him some more while Tomas takes Adam's dick into his mouth. Adam leans over and sucks on Kamil's cock, taking turns with Karel. Adam turns to his other side to suck on Miro's cock. Then Karel and Tomas are on their knes sharing Miro's cock as Kamil and Adam rim the exposed asses. Kamil fingers Karel's tight hole as Adam continues to tongue Tomas'. Setting everything up nicely for part two.

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