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Wank Party #95, Part 1 RAW - Wank Party

Wank Party #95 features four very sexy str8 guys, Gerasim Spartak, Erik Janek, Nicolas Daner and Miro Dalek. As they come in they are discussing what to do after an enjoyable day. They decide to stay in and immediately begin kissing each other. Soon Nicolas and Erik are barechested too. Then dicks come our as they guys swap around. Erik and Gerasim kiss as they grab each other's cocks and wank them. Nicolas kisses Miro and drops to his knees to suck his cock. Meanwhile Gerasim lays back on the sofa for Erik to suck him too. Nicolas hot mouth wraps tight around Miro's dick as he sucks, with Gerasim reaching over to feel the balls. Erik is eagerly sucking on Germasim's rock hard cock, taking it deep into his mouth. Miro and Gerasim stand up as their cocks are sucked. They kiss each other as the enjoys the hot mouths working their dicks. The guys then all get fully naked and they swap partners. Nicolas sits to suck on Gerasim's throbbing cock as Erik works on Miro's. Erik's head bobs up and down on Miro's big cock and Nicolas continues to deep throat Gerasim's upturned dick. Then Nicolas stands up and lets Gerasim sit. Gerasim takes that chance to suck on Nicolas' cock for a while. Then Nicolas sits again and leans over to share the sucking of Miro's dick with Erik. Meanwhile Miro leans over and wanks Gerasim. Lots of kissing occurs as well as they all enjoy each other. Nicolas turns around to suck Gerasim again and to have his own cock wanked. Then Gerasim goes down on that hard cock again as the two of them take turns at sucking each other. Gerasim fucks his dick deep into Nicolas' mouth. Then he moves over to sit next to Erik. Nicolas takes over sucking on Miro as Erik turns his attentions to Gerasim. He kisses and wanks Gerasim and then goes down on his cock again. He sucks that cock for a while and then Gerasim bends down to take a turn on Erik's dick too. Meanwhile Miro is busy fuckng his big cock into Nicolas' eager mouth. All change then as Erik moves over to rim Nicolas' hot hole. Gerasim slides his dick into Nicolas' mouth. As Miro and Gerasim stand next to each other Nicolas can take turns on both cocks as his eager hole is tongued by Erik.

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