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Nikol & Laco RAW - Full Contact

This is a wonderful Dreamset suggested by Kris. It features two of the sexiest str8 guys Nikol Monak and Laco Meido. Nikol i s on the phone as he waits for Laco to arrive for a training session. Laco arrives and is told to do some stretching exercises while Nikol goes off to finish his call. Laco starts stretching but is soon distracted as he looks into Nikol's bag and extract some underwear. He starts to grope himself as he sniffs the underwear, keeping an eye out for Nikol's return. Pushing his pants down Laco rubs his ass and wanks his dick as he sniffs the underwear. Nikol comes bak in and catches Laco, telling him off taking the underwear back. He then directs Laco's stretching exercises. He tells Laco to strip to his underwear so that he can see the body shape. Then Nikol directs Laco to bend over, showing his ass in his jock strap. Laco sits on the floor, legs apart to do more stretching . Laying down Laco swings his legs over his head, with Nikol holding them so that the ass is high in the air. Laco then stands up and Niko strips down to his jockstrap too . He takes some weights and starts excising his arms. Laco wantches intently and soon gets to feel Nikol's biceps. Then he is directled to turn around and do some squats. Nikol watches closely, tapping the thighs and ass as Laco works. Laco doesn't seem to be doing it correctly and says it is because he needs to piss. So Nikol holds a jug for Laco to piss into. Laco lets out all the hot piss and then is ready to squat again. Nikol places a dildo onto the floor for Laco to squat down till his ass touches it. Nikol's dick is very hard as he watches Laco squatting onto the dildo . Standing up Laco notices the dick and takes hold of it. He wanks the cock as he kisses Nikol. Then Nikol lays on the floor holding his cock. Laco does some push-ups between Nikol's legs, so his mouth goes down on that stiff cock. He sucks on the cock as he exercises and then turns around so they can 69. Each sucks on the other's cock. Laco licks Nikol's balls too and rubs his fingers over his tight hole. He sucks hard on Nikol's stiff dick and then laps at the tight hole. They both stand and remove the jock straps, then Laco kneels, presenting his hot ass. Nikol positions himself and slides his rock hard dick into Laco's waiting hole. He fucks that ass deep with Laco taking it so well. Nikol's fucking speeds up as Laco moans loudly. He keeps fucking that hot ass deep and hard, until he is ready to cum. Then Nikol pulls out and moves to shoot his hot cum over Laco's face. Nikol milks his cock dry and the takes a wipe to clean the cum from Laco's face. Laco then takes over and shows Nikol some special training. This has Nikol on his knees, getting his hot ass fucked deep by Laco's stiff cock. Nikol moans as he takes the rock hard cock deep into his ass. Laco pumps that ass with his dick, fucking harder and harder until his dumps his hot cum deep inside. He pulls out and spreads Nikol's ass to let the hot cum drip out to end a great training session.

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