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Wank Party #100, Part 2 RAW - Wank Party

Our 100th numbered Wank Party has a stellar cast of hot st8 guys, Hugo Antonin, Martin Pesek, Petr Ugan, Oleg Hubert and Oto Useda. In the second part we join the guys as Martin's ass is being fingered while Petr enjoys sucking cock. Martin then slides his ass down on Oleg's stiff, fat cock and starts to ride it. Meanwhile Petr continues to suck Oto, taking Hugo's dick in his ass at the same time. Hugo fucks Petr's eager hole deep and hard. Petr licks, sucks and wanks on Otos beautiful cock while Martin continues to work his ass up and down on Oleg's magnificent pole. Petr rubs his own dick as he takes Hugo's cock all the way in his ass. His mouth is stuffed full by Oto's fat cock. Oto leans over and kisses Martin who is sitll fucking himself onto Oleg's dick. Oleg's big balls are tight at the shaft of his cock as Martin rides him. Then Hugo and Oleg swap partners. Martin turns onto his knees for Hugo to fuck him from behind while Oleg spoons with Petr, stretching his whole wide with is big, fat, cock. Hugo's tight hole is on show as he rams his dick deep into Martin's hot hole. Oto wanks himself as he watches Oleg fuck Petr so hard. Then as Hugo pulls out of Martin's hole Oto moves over to take his place. His fat cock pounds Martin's hole as hard as it can. He pulls out, leaving Martin's hole gaping as it waits for Hugo to slide his dick back inside. Oleg continues to fuck Petr's ass hard as Hugo does the same to Martin. Hugo pulls out and then shoves his throbbing dick back into Martin's gaping hole. That hot hole really has opened up well from all the hard fucking. Hugo reaches over and wanks Oto whilst still fucking Martin deep. Oleg's dick pounds away at Petr's hole too. Martin then lays on his back for Oto to fuck him once more. He wanks himself as Oto's dick works deep into that ass. Martin quickly shoots a huge load all over himself as he feels Oto's cock deep inside him. He milks every last drop of cum from his cock and then rubs himself as Oto pulls out and shoots his hot cum over him. The creamy cum lands on Martin's belly and Oto milks his dick dry. Oleg really pummels his dick in Petr's hot as Petr wanks himself and cums. Oleg's huge dick keeps fucking that ass as Hugo unloads his cum all over Petr's face. Then Oto is ready too and he pulls out to shoot his cum onto Petr's balls. He kisses Hugo as Oto leans over to kiss Martin as the hottest of scenes draws to a close.

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