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Alan & Martin RAW - Cherry Busting

Cute and sexy str8 guy Alan Hemar gets his cherry busted by Martin Hovor. When Martin arrives he sits and chats with Alan, determining that so far he has only been kissed and massaged by a guy. He decides that he wants to try more, so Martin starts things off by leaning over so they can kiss. As they kiss Martin gropes Alan. Alan then removes his shirt and they kiss some more as Martin feels the sexy chest and gropes Alan's crotch. He then opens Alan's belt and helps him take off his shorts. Alan leans back on the pillows as Martin takes hold of his cock. They kiss again as Martin wanks on Alan's cock and then he moves down to suck it. He takes the stiff dick into his mouth, wrapping his lips tight around it. Alan pushes Martin's head down on his cock as he feels the hot lips. Matin's head bobs up and down on the rock hard cock, taking it all into his mouth. He licks up and down on the shaft too. Having sucked for a while Martin removes his shirt and then takes off his shorts too, revealing his own, very stiff, cock.. He rocks back onto his heels as Alan moves forward to show that he is willing to suck too. Alan takes Martin's huge, stiff, cock into his mouth and suck on it. He cups the tightening balls as he sucks on the big head of Martin's cock. He sucks and licks on that dick for a while, swirling his tongue around the head and licking up and down the shaft. Then he lays on his back with his legs in the air. That exposes his tight hole as well as his stiff cock and his . balls. Martin sucks on the cock and licks the hot hole. He also sucks the balls into his mouth and then he slips a finger into Alan's hot hole. He sucks on the balls some more as he fingers that ass hole. Then he positions his big cock and begins to push it into Alan's ass. That fat cock opens the hole up and slides deep inside. Martin starts to gently fuck that tight ass, grabbing hold of Alan's cock too. Then he fucks harder, pulling out and shoving that dick back into the tight ass. With long strokes he fucks Alan's ass. Alan takes hold of his own cock and wanks it as that big dick fills his ass. The balls are tight around Alan's shaft as he wanks himself and dumps his cum onto his chest while Martin fucks him deep and hard. Martin continues to fuck hard, leaning over to kiss Alan as well. He pounds the hot hole, turning Alan over onto his knees. That big cock slams in and out of Alan's hole, stretching it wide. Martin's cum builds up and the pulls out to shoot his creamy load all over Alan's sexy ass.

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