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Voloda & Sasa RAW - Cherry Busting

Cute str8 guy Sasa Paluna gets his cherry busted by another handsome str8 guy, Voloda Saskyn. They enter the apartment and immediately begin to kiss and grope each other as they lay on the bed. Voloda puls off Sasa' tee shirt and then his pants down too. That releases Sasa's fat cock which Voloda begins to suck and wank. He kneels and removes his own top and the returns to kissing Sasa, who rolls on top of him. Sasa pulls down Voloda's pants and underwear to get access to his dick. He takes the cock into his mouth and sucks on it. His head bobs up and down as he works on Voloda's hard cock. Moving up he kisses Voloda whose hands are roaming over his sexy friend. Sasa rolls onto his back and is helped off with his jeans, leaving him naked. He moves onto his knees as Voloda lays in front to suck taht big, fat, cock. Sasa;s hips thrust as the cock fucks into Voloda's eager mouth. Then Sasa lays on the his side as Voloda spoons with him, slipping his cock into the hot ass. Sasa feels that hard dick pushing into his tight hole. As he fucks Sasa's hot ass Voloda wanks him too. He thrusts deep into Sasa's ass as he fucks. Sasa moves onto his knees for Voloda to fuck him from behind. Voloda pounds that hot hole, pulling on Sasa's hair as he does so. That throbbing cock works Sasa's hole so good. Voloda pulls out and lays down for Sasa to ride his dick. Sasa slides up and down on that cock as he wanks his own huge tool. Wanking hard he soon dumps his cum onto Voloda's belly as the dick is still fucking his ass. He the lays on his belly for Voloda to continue to fuck him hard. Voloda pumps his dick deep into the ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out to shoot his hot cream over Sasa's sexy ass.

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