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Street Hunting - Igor Uganec RAW - Gonzo

Our Streethunter is out and about in the park near Prague Castle when he finds Igor Uganaec sitting on the grass studying. He chats with Igor persuading him that he could earn some money by modelling for him in the studio. They walk back to the studio when Igor's body is inspected as he lifts his sweater. He is given his money and offered more if he removes his pants. It takes a littel persuasion, but the thought of easy money soon has Igor naked from the waist down, His cock is felt by the hunter but Igor wants him to stop. So the next offer is a lot more money if Igor will suck cock. The lure of money is enough and Igor is soon on his knees sucking the hunter's rock hard cock. The big dick stands proud as Igor's mouth works on it and his tongue licks the long shaft. He feels a hand on the back of his head pushing it down on the big cock. Then it is suggested that Igor is fucked. He declines the offer, until he is offered even more money, with the promise of a gentle fuck. Succimbing to the thought of so much moeny Igor bares his ass and shows it off. A hand feels the ass and then the stiff cock slides into the tight hole. Igor moans as he kneels and takes the stiff dick deep into his ass. His ass is spanked too as the dick works in and out of that hole. Once his ass is used to that dick fucking deep Igor turns over and lays on his back to be fucked some more. He wanks himself as the big cock works deep in his ass. His hole is fucked deep and hard as Igor keeps wanking himself. The fucking gets faster, pounding into Igor's hot hole as he wanks faster too. The big dick pile-drives deep into his ass as Ivan shoots his cum. He milks his cock dry as that big dick keeps banging away at his ass. Then the cock is withdrawn to shoot the hot cum up his hot body.

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