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Leo & Jan RAW - Czech Up

Jan Nurad is doing the army Czech Ups today and Leo Lombar is due for his. Leo comes into Jan's office and looks so hot in his uniform. Jan tells hi to strip to his waist so he can check his chest. He uses his stethoscope to listen to Leo's sexy chest and his abdomen. Then he feels Leo's sides with his hands before turning him around to listen to the back of the body too. He feels the lower back too. Then he tells Leo to remove his pants. Leo bends to remove his boots, then the pants come off as well. Leo isn't wearing underwear so hi cock, balls and ass are exposed when the pants come off. He takes off his socks too and then is ready for Jan to continue his checks. Jan drops to his knees and check Leo's balls, and the cock too, with his hands. Everythis seems fine so he has Leo move into the exam chair with his legs in the stirrups. That exposed Leo's tight ass hole and Jan uses his gloved hand to check it. A finger is pushed into the tight hole as Leo enjoys the feeling as he lets a hand rub against his cock. Jan's finger works deeply into that hot hole and he leans forward to lick as well. As he feels that hot tongue on his hole Leo uses both hands to rub his cock. Jan moves to the side and fingers that hot hole as he takes Leo's stiff dick into his mouth. He fingers the ass as he licks and sucks on Leo's throbbing cock. Leo pushes Jan's head down on his cock as it is sucked hard. Jan works that rock hard dick so well and continues to finger Leo's tight ass hole. Then Jan has Leo climb down from the chair. He gets naked hmself and takes Leo's place in the chair. He is quick to rub Jan's tight hole and has a quick suck on his dick too. Then he moves into position to slide his rampant cock into Jan's hot hole. Leo fucks that ass hole deep and hard as Jan grabs his own cock and starts to wank it. He wanks himself as Leo's fat cock is deep in his ass fucking hard. Leo's fucking gets faster as Jans wanking speeds up too. That hot hole is stretched wide as Leo's dick pound in and out of it . Jan keeps wanking hard and soon shoots a hot load all over his belly, He milks his cock as the cum runs down his side. Leo keeps up his fucking until his cock is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out to unload his cum onto Jan's balls. Jan rubs the cum over his balls as Leo milks himself dry and then leans forward to kiss Jan.

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