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Alan, Tomas & Jan RAW - Full Contact

In this very hot Dreamset, suggested by Floris we have Tomas Berger, Alan Hemar and Jan Nurad. Tomas and Alan are sitting and chatting as they wait for Jan to arrive when Alan's girlfriend phones. She reports that Jan has beaten her and had sex with her. Alan and Tomas decide they must take revenge on him when he arrives. So they question Jan when he arrives and quickly overpower and gag him. Alan holds him in the chair as Tomas ties Jan's hands behind it. As Jan moans Alan and Tomas grope him Opening Jan's jeans Tomas finds a hard cock which he wanks. They then drag him to the bed, pulling off his jeans and underwear. Then Tomas opens his jeans to release his growing dick. He gets naked and shoves that big cock into Jan's mouth, making him suck it. He slaps the dick on Jan's face and pushes it into his mouth. Then Alan strips to release his stiff cock too. He takes Tomas' place, sldiing that big cock into Jan's mouth. Tomas turns Jan onto his side, gaining access to his ass hole. He grabs as Jan's dick and teases his ass hole while Alan's dick is being sucked. Alan and Tomas change places again. Jan feels Alan's dick pushed into his mouth then both dicks are rubbed on his face. He has to suck each in turn. Then Jan is moved to lay on his belly so that Tomas can slide his big cock into the tight ass hole. He fucks Jan's ass deep, sliding his dick all the way inside. Alan wanks himself as he holds Jan down. Then Tomas pulls out of that ass and changes places with Alan. So Alan fucks that ass hard and fast while Tomas wanks himself. His rock hard dick pounds Jan's hole as Tomas holds the gag against the mouth to stop the moaning. He wanks his big dick too, then as Jan is pulled onto his knees, he shoves that cock into the open mouth for sucking. Alan continues to slam his dick in and out of the hot ass as Jan sucks on Tomas. Jan's ass is spanked too as he hole is fucked hard. Tomas fucks his dick hard into Jan's mouth. Jan's moaning is loud as he gets cocks at both ends. Tomas and Alan take turns in ass and mouth, their rock hard cocks using Jan's holes so well. He is laid on his side as Alan bangs his dick so deep into the ass hole. Jan's cock is rock hard as he takes Alan's dick, so Tomas grabs it and wanks. He wanks himself too as he plays with Jan's cock. Alan's dick fucks so hard into that ass until he is ready to cum. Then he pulls out and shoots his hot cum. Tomas takes his place, shoving his cock into the well fucked hole. He stretches the hole wide as he fucks it deep. Jan conitinues his contstant moaning as his hole is used. Then Tomas pulls out and shoots his load too. Then they make Jan wank himself until he cums as well.

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