Rado Zuska

Rado Zuska works as a driver and in his spare time he enjoys fitness, swimming and cycling. Rado is a stunning guy, with rugged good looks and a fabulous body, clearly from hours in the gym. He is also very well endowed, and knows how to use it. In this erotic video Rado starts by giving us a demonstration of some of his posing, flexing his muscles, and I must say he does it very well indeed. Then when he feels his has done enough he removes his shorts and begins to massage his ass for us, spreading the cheeks, so we glimpse his hole. Then he puts one leg up on a pedestal, to expose the hole some more, but we also see a pair of gorgeous low hanging nuts. In that position Rado starts to work on his dick as well, and we get some lovely closeups of him jacking. Rado then turns around so we can see the front view, and he continues to jack and flex. Then, will his dick rock hard he sits on the pedestal and strokes that big dick some more. We get a lovely view of a hands free hard on, as Rado rubs his body for us. Rado then lays back and lifts his legs, and spreading that ass, so we see more of his tight hole before he gets ready for his pop shot. What a pop shot it is too, very nice indeed as it spurts out. Rado is a fabulous model, and he we pushed him into doing some other shoots, where he has acquitted himself very well indeed. I will look forward to seeing them.

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