Wank Party 2010 #5

Willam Higgins is introducing July 2010 Wank Party. This features 5 great guys, Pavel Modelon, Marek Novak, Ondrej Jirasek, Karel Vlastik and Lukas Novy. We did the filming on location, on what was a glorious summer's day. At least the guys had some water nearby to keep them cool. It was much needed as they certainly had a lot of fun during filming, as you can see. This was a very good shoot indeed. This was one of the nicer days out on location. It was nice and cool, and I don’t know how we did it, but I found a spot with no chiggers. The day before, Aida and I were out walking while Miro was doing glamor stills, and I found a little about 750 meters away. The guys went after the shoot and took a very nice dip. Czechs don’t mind nudity at swimming holes. You find people sunning themselves nude practically everywhere you go during the summer months.

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