Wank Party 2011 #5 - Czech Hockey Fans

Wank Party 2001 #5 features 6 great guys, Ivan Cacovsky, Sasch Borodin, Maxim Petrovic, Petr Domas, Daniel Carka and Roman Stach. The guys were in Wenceslas Square to watch a hockey match on a large screen that has been erected in the Square. Then after the match they decided to have a bit of a party, with beer and sandwiches. Maxim takes up the guitar and starts to play and sing, joined by Daniel. They certainly had a lot of fun and very soon decided to make things more exciting as they strip off and start wanking which, almost inevitably, led to sucking. This included Roman being sucked for the very first time, by another guy. After the sucking Ivan and Maxim livened things up some more by rimming and fingering Daniel and Petr, before plowing both of them, and finally taking turns to fuck Petr, who was on a swivel chair, so making it easy to swap between the two of them. It all ends very well indeed with a glorious cumfest.

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