WANK PARTY 2011 #9

Wank Party 2011 #9 features Dmitry Vorobev,Dima Lukin,Rado Zuska,Mattias Solich,Daniel Avedon and Yuri Bulakov, which is a great line up. We filmed it in the basement below our offices. It starts with four guys watching as newcomer Mattias and Rado get naked and put on wrestling outfits and start arm wrestling. Rado wins, with vocal encouragement from Dima. Then Mattias and Rado start wrestling, for just one round, which Mattias wins. Mattias and Rado then remove the wrestling suits anad they are donned by Dima and Yuri instead and they start to wrestle too. Dima is victorious in this one and the guys remove the suits so that Dmitry and Daniel can put them on, so they can wrestle too. Goodness, Dmitry has been sunbathing a lot and has a really pronounced tan line, which we see as he changes. He puts up a good fight but is no match for the bigger Daniel. They remove the wrestling suits too and now we have 6 naked guys to feast our eyes on. The guys seem to enjoy being naked and start to feel and wank each other. Rado doesn't get far before he needs a piss, and then back to rubbing and feeling each other, with Daniel and Dima kissing. Dima starts to wank Yuri, who reaches for Dmitry's dick too. Dmitry turns his head and finds that Mattias' dick is hard, so he starts to suck it as Rado kisses Mattias. Daniel is getting involved with Dima and Yuri at the same time. Then Rado goes down on Mattias' rock hard cock as Dima is sucking Yuri's stiff dick. Dmitry takes Rado's cock in his mouth as Rado continues to work on Mattias. Yuri's dick is standing pround as Daniel rubs his chest and takes Dima's place to wank Yuri and lick his nips, while Dima sucks him. Mattias changes places with Rado and starts sucking his massive cock too. Yuri is doing his first shoot with other guys and is doing it very well, as his hard cock attests. Daniel loves the look of that cock and starts to lick it. All change again with Rado sucking Mattias, Dmitry sucking Yuri and Daniel sucking Dima and Yuri wanking Rado. Things are certainly hotting up and Yuri is getting a feel for cock and starts to wank Dmitry now. Rado thinks it is time to move on and starts to rim Mattias' gorgeous ass ass Dmitry does the same to Dima, with Mattias kissing Dima. Daniel isn't left out as he and Yuri wank and kiss each other. My goodness this is getting very hot, with Rado now fucking Mattias while Dmitry plows Dima. Yuri is certainly getting a good initiation and enjoying it as he suck Daniel too. we get a wonderful close up of Daniel's big throbbing cock in Yuri's mouth too. Changing positions has Dima sitting on Daniels massive dick and riding it, at the same time sucking Dmitry. He is certainly a sex pig. Rado now has Mattias in missionary. Mattias loves to be fucked and certainly is getting it good today. Yuri is enjoying it too and leans over to kiss the handsome Mattias. Another change gives Daniel the chance to fuck Mattias tight ass as Dmitry plows Dima again. Rado is on his back too with Yuri trying his ass, golly he is doing it, fucking that hot muscle ass. Mattias cant hold back and starts to cum. His ass clenches so tight as he spurts that he forces Daniel's dick out. Next Dima shoots his load as Dmitry is ramming his ass. Daniel is still up for more ass though and shoves his big fat dick up Rado's ass and fucks him till Rado cant hold back and shoots his load too. Next up is Dmitry who shoots his load over Rado with Yuri cumming at the same time on Rado's leg. Daniel then lets his load go too, bringing a fabulous wank party to an glorious end, with Mattias kissing his soul mate Rado.

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