Drew Hemcak & Petr Domas

Drew Hemcak and Petr Domas are two great looking guys who came in for a duo. Sitting on the sofa, in just their undies they look so good. Drew takes hold of one of Petr's feet and starts to kiss it, while rubbing his hairy leg. He works his way down the leg until his hand is rubbing Petr's cock through his briefs. He then removes the briefs and we see Petr's cock and balls as Drew rubs them some more, taking hold of the cock and wanking it. Then he takes the cock in his mouth and sucks on it, getting it nice and hard. It is a good sized cock and looks great in Drew's mouth, as he sucks and licks it. The Petr wants a turn on Drew's cock. He pulls his undies down and Drew's big hard cock flops out, just as mouth height and Petr goes right to work. Taking that rock hard cock in his mouth he starts to suck it. Drew loves the feeling of hot mouth on his cock and begins to fuck Petr's face. The guys move to a 69 position and suck some more, with Petr on top his hot ass just above Drew's face. Then they move so that Petr can squat his ass over Drew's face for some rimming, Drew's tongue lapping at the hairy hole. Both are up for more and Petr turns around and sits that ass on Drews throbbing cock. He rides up and down on that big thick dick and then Drew starts to fuck upwards into Petr's tight hole. Moving into a spoon position we see Drew's thick cock fucking into Petr's ass, it is so hard as it fucks, and really stretches that hole. The guys kiss as they fuck and then change positiion again with Petr's inviting ass high in the air to give Drew easy access. Drew turns around in the same position so we can also see his ass hole as he fucks. Boy does it look good too. Then he needs to cum and shoots his load all over Petr's face with Petr taking that big fat cock in his mouth again to suck it dry. Petr immediately returns the favor dumping his cum over Drew and being sucked clean before the guys enjoy a very nice kiss to bring things to a close. What a lovely scene, with two really hot guys, very enjoyable indeed.

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