Erik Lasota - CZECH UP

Erik Lasota is the subject of this Czech Up, with Dr Rado Princ and Sister Oleg Bukhtin. Oleg and Rado arrive for work and strip all their clothes off and dress in their medical uniforms, ready to start their shift. When dressed Rado sits on the chair and invites Oleg to sit on his knee. He proceeds to rub Oleg's leg as they talk, and then a knock on the door heralds the arrival of their first patient. Oleg opens the door and invites Erik Lasota in, he reports that he has a problem with his stomach. After a brieg examination Erik is told to change into a surgical gown, for a fuller examination. When he has changed he sits in the examination chair, with his legs up. This exposes his large, soft cock and his balls to us, giving a great view. Rado then begins the examination, checking with the stethoscope and we notice that Oleg is soothing Erik by rubbing his arm and leg. As the examination continues the camera pans down showing a wonderful close up of Erik;s flaccid cock and massive, low hanging balls. Rado then checks Erik's blood pressure. Having checked on his arm they decide to double check the pressure on Erik's cock. This has the effect of swelling the cock somewhat and when they remove the blood pressure equipment Rado and Oleg begin to play with that big dick. Oleg then sucks that cock while Rado kisses Erik. Erik's cock is really rock hard and Oleg sucks it very well indeed. Rado wants a taste as well so the guys take turns in sucking it. Then Oleg and Rado, rock hard, present their cocks for Erik to savor. He sucks them in turns as he wanks himself, with Oleg and Rado kissing too. Oleg is hot for more cock and goes back to sucking on Erik as he, in turn continues sucking Rado's monster cock. Rado decides that he must continue with the exam though, and takes Erik's temperature and then gloves up to check his ass, with a finger sliding deep inside. Rado thinks further examination is required, so Oleg inserts his finger to check as well, and then both guys finger that tight hole together. All seems to be ok so the guys need to finish up and do so by giving us three very good cumshots, firstly Erik, all over his leg and then Oleg all over Erik, followed by Rado. The guys then kiss and bringing a very nice scene to an end.

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