Wank In The Woods 2011 - Part 1

We recently filmed our 2011 Wank in the Wood, and now present the first part. This mainly features Jan Pribyla, Mattias Solich, Zdenek Zimola, Dmitry Vorobev and Yuri Bulakov. The scene starts with Jan sleeping with Rado Zuzka. Jan awakes, and gently moving Rado's leg creeps out of the room and into a room where 4 others are sleeping, but he doesn't linger. Instead he goes for a shower as he arrives we see Mattias Solich making a fire and Dmitry Vorobev already in the shower. Jan decides to shave first, as Dmitry showers, but the mirror is steamed up so he asks Mattias to shave him instead. Mattias does just that, admiring Jan's good looks as he does it. When finished Mattias just has to kiss Jan. Dmitry meanwhile is drying himself in the background. He watches closely and moves in to kiss Jan as well. The guys quickly drop their undies revealing nicely swollen cocks and Mattias drops down to suck on Dmitry and Jan. Then it is Jan's turn to suck on Mattias and Dmitry and having had his fill, for the moment, Dmitry takes a turn on both of the guys. The certainly enjoy themselves sucking, wanking and kissing. We then see Zdenek Zimola, newly wakened from sleeping with Paul Fresh. He gets out of bed and takes in the morning air through the open window. Zdenek goes to the kitchen and encounters Yuri Bulakov making something to eat, with Dimtry, Jan and Mattias in the background kissing up a storm. Zdenek tells Yuri about them kissing and wanking and he turns to watch, his own cock already bulging in his undies. Taking his cue from the others Zdenek starts to caress Yuri, and soon they are kissing too. Zdenek is very interested in Yuri's bulge and takes it in his hand and starts working it. Soon he has Yuri on the table undies down and he sucks on Yuri's big fat cock. Zdenek is rock hard as he sucks but Yuri has other ideas and moves into the next room, as Jan, Mattias and Dmitry do so as well. They sprawl on the bed, in front of the newly made fire, that we have heard crackling throughout. Zdenek works on Jan's and Mattias' cocks as Yuri pays attention to Dmitry. Mattias is always ready for some hot cock and he goes down on Zdenek as well and Dmitry trades places with Yuri, working on his big cock. Things are really hotting up now and they change positions so that Jan can rim Zdenek's pert arse. At the same time Yuri rims Mattias, who sucks on Dmitry. Jan cant resist slipping a finger into Zdenek's tight hole as he rims. Yuri also takes a finger to Mattias' ass as well, slipping it in real easy. The fingers have done their job and Zdenek rides Jan's hard, thick cock as Dmitry moves round and pushes his into Mattias. The fucking proceeds very well, with a change of positions to bring part one to a very exciting end.

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