Wank In The Woods 2011 - Part 2

Wank In The Woods 2011 features features Jan Pribyla, Mattias Solich, Zdenek Zimola, Dmitry Vorobev and Yuri Bulakov. They are joined, later, by Rado Zuska, Honza Copak, Rado Princ and Paul Fresh. This second part continues where part one concluded, with Zdenek riding Jan's big cock and Dmitry plowing Mattias' hot ass. Zdenek really knows how to ride and his own big fat cock is standing proud as he does it. Meanwhile Dmitry is pounding Mattias ass and Yuri feeds Mattias mouth. Zdenek then relaxes a bit and lets Jan do the work, with his cock thrusting up, hard and fast into that hot hole. As they go at it Yuri swaps places with Dmitry and slides his cock into Mattias to guck him. Mattias also takes Dmitry's cock in his both, so he is filled at both ends. Time to swap partners, so Jan fucks Mattias doggy style while Dmitry does the same to Zdenek, with Yuri again feeding Mattias'mouth. They are fucking nice and hard and Yuri wants some ass too, so he again changes with Dmitry, as we get a glorious close-up of Zdenek's ass. Another change of position has Yuri fucking Zdenek in missionary while Zdenek again rides Jan's rock hard cock. As Mattias rides Jan's cock Dmitry wanks him. That gets Mattias so close and he takes over wanking himself and shoots a lovely load as Jan's dick is deep in his ass. That really sets Dmitry off and he blows his load over Mattias leg. Yuri is fucking Zdenek hard and fast as Zdenek wanks his cock. It looks like they are ready,but before either can blow Jan spurts his cum over Mattias. Then Zdenek's creamy load squirts right up his chest, swiftly followed by Yuri firing his huge load all over Zdeneks cock. The guys then hear someone coming and all run off. The scene changes and all nice guys come running through the shot and out on to the playing field. Dressed only in shorts or undies the guys run around the field and then do some training exercises, directed by Rado Z. Forming a circle, with Mattias in the middle, they play a football passing game. It seems that if the guy in the middle can get the ball the person who last touched it must get naked. So Zdenek is first up, stripping his undies off. Soon followed by Rado Z. It is not long before Rado has the ball so Paul strips off too. Rado Z loses out again, but is already naked, so he has to take Paul's place in the middle, until he gets the ball back and Paul is back again. Eventually Paul manages to get the ball from Rado P, so he gets naked. It seems that Paul is spending a lot of time in the middle as he soon has to replace Rado P. More changing until Jan makes a mistake and off come his shorts. Yuri is next to fall and into the middle he goes, naked, followed quickly by Zdenek and then Mattias. Only two guys left now, with shorts on and Dmitry is the one who is next to strip, leaving Honza as the winner. He too gets naked and the guys continue their play for a while, all naked now, cocks flapping as the play. The guys then have a leap-frog race in two teams of four before running down to the far end of the field for a race the full length of the pitch. Rado is the winner of the race and it lifted up as champion, by Rado P and Paul and they walk off the field, ready for more to come in the next part. This second part has been great fun with a lovely finale to the sex scene and then a very good game which got all the guys naked for us.

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