Christmas Wank Party 2011 - Part1

Christmas Wank Party 2011 features 5 of the hottest guys of the year. From Mirek Ceslar, as Father Christmas to the four cutest newcomers Jan Subrt, Honza Forst, Zaja Kolomaz and Jakub Nakuda everyone looks great. Fun is the name of the game in this first part of the scene, and the guys are ready for that, as they visit the celebrations in Prague Old Town Square. Jakub buys himself some hot mulled wine and meets up with some friends. He invites them back with him, where we find the sexiest Santa you could ever wish to meet. Daniel introduces his friends to Santa who is happy to see them and dispenses presents too all. In the spirit of the fun to come it seems that Santa has focussed on dildos and vibrators as his gifts this year. Santa decides that the fun should really start and choose Jan to start things off. Jan removes Santa’s coat before Kaja joins in the has he shirt removed too. Kaja’s belt is taken off and Jan uses it to spank his ass. Then Jan removes his shirt as well before Santa sits them back down. Jakub and Honza take their shirts off too, so all are now topless and are feeling each other. Then Kaja and Jan remove their pants and Honza stands to make room for Santa to sit. Honza and Santa start feeling Kaja as Jakub pays attention Jan before getting his pants off as well. Now the guys are really getting into it with Honza wanking Kaja and the other three feeling each other. Honza and Santa also get naked and now we can really get started as the guys wank and suck each other. Kaja sucks on Honza’s big hard cock as Honza licks Santas balls, with Jakub and Jan kiss. Honza then sucks Mirek’s(Santa) and Kaja’s throbbing cocks as Jan works on Jakub. As he rims Jan’s eager hole Mirek looks on and Honza works on Kaja’s dick. Kaja is a really horny bottom and soon Honza has him on his back fingering his tight ass. Jan is still eating Jakub’s ass while Jakub sucks on Mirek’s big cock. Kaja’s hole needs more than a finger and one of the new toys slips into his ass. Even that isn’t enough Kaja wants the larger vibrator in there and Honza is happy to oblige. Meanwhile Mirek really wants to get into the action and he shoves his big, hard cock into Jakub’s ass. Jakub loves to be fucked and wanks himself as that dick stretches his hole, and he sucks on Jan’s cock too. He really cant get enough cock and very soon he cant hold back and shoots a big, creamy load over himself as Mirek pounds his ass. That is a trigger for everything to get even hotter, as Jan sits on Mirek’s throbbing dick and Honza rams his own rampant cock deep into Kaja;s ass. This first part of the Christmas Wank Party 2011 really excels, with all the guys getting hotter by the minute. Be sure to look out for part two with, even more horny action.

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