Rado Zuska & Mattias Solich

Mattias Solich and Rado Zuska are two great looking guys, and both are real sex pigs who have already given us some excellent duos, so we paired them for this scene. The scene starts with a meeting to discuss business, but Rado is soon distracted, complimenting Mattias and telling him they have discussed enough. Mattias understands what he means and grabs Rado's tie and pulls him forward and kisses him. Mattias opens Rado's shirt, revealing his massive chest, and starts to kiss his nipples. Then, as they kiss Mattias removes his shirt too, and starts to wank Rado's cock. Then he goes down and sucks on that big hard cock. Mattias is always horny and sucks it real good, changing position to get more of it in his mouth. The guys stand and remove their pants and both are rock hard and ready for more play. Mattias drops to his knees, legs spread and wanks himself as he sucks on Rado's massive dick. Rado leans over and grabs at Mattias cock too as his is throbbing in Mattias' mouth. Rado is really turned on and wants to taste cock himself, so he starts to suck Mattias. Soon the guys move to a 69 with Mattias on top. Rado's cock stands up big and hard as Mattias suck on it, with his own cock in Rado's mouth. Rado also sucks on Mattias big balls, before moving so that he can rim Mattias hot hole. He wets it up and gets it nice and ready so that Mattias wants some cock in there and sits his ass down on Rado's throbbing cock. As he rides that hard cock Mattias leans forward and kisses Rado some more. He works his ass over Rado's cock and then they change position, with Mattias bent over and Rado plowing his cock into that tight ass. Then they change again with Mattias riding Rado's cock and Rado thrusting up into his ass. Mattias really loves being fucked and moves to missionary position so he can wank himself into a frenzy as Rado thrusts his big dick deep into that willing hole. Mattias cant help it, that cock in his ass feels so good that he blows a big creamy load. That sets Rado off and he pulls out and shoot his load all over Mattias. Fully spent the guys kiss each other, to celebrate another successful business meeting.

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