Pavol Zbynek & Ivan Cakovsky

Pavol Zbynek and Ivan Cakovsky are two sex mad guy, always hard and ready for action, so we paired them up for this scene. Pavol is the guy who said he would get fucked but would never kiss or suck. So you will seen in this scene that he had a rather large rethink. The scene starts with the guys kissing and then wanking as they open their jeans. Two real hard cocks wanting action,and Ivan quickly goes down on Pavol's throbbing member. Ivan really knows how to suck and works his mouth on Pavol's dick. Then he pulls his jeans down so Pavol can feel his ass while he sucks. Pavol's hand is all over that ass and he wets a finger to slip in the hole a bit. Ivan continues to suck on Pavol's throbbing knob while his hole is fingered. Then Pavol wants more and Ivan's jeans come off and Pavol goes down on his hard cock while he wanks himself. Ivan grabs Pavol's head and pushes it down on his cock for deeper sucking. Then the guys move to a 69, with Ivan on top. His cock and balls tantalising Pavol, hanging over his face. Pavol sucks on the balls and then the cock while Ivan works on his cock too. Ivan then moves Pavol around and pulls his ass up so he can rim it. He gets his tongue in that hot, hairy hole and then starts to finger it. Before long he wants more and shoves his rock hard dick in Pavol's hole and starts to fuck him. Pavol moans and he is being plowed and wanked by Ivan. Ivan gets his cock deep in that ass, fucking Pavol nice and fast. Then the guys swap and Ivan gets on his knees so that Pavol can fuck him as well. Pavol's dick slides into that tight ass and he fucks it real deep. Ivan can take it very well and Pavol really gives it to him. Having really fucked Ivan well Pavol's hole is ready for more and he sits on Ivan's big cock, his own cock rock hard and swaying as he fucks himself down on the throbbing dick. Ivan loves that feeling as his cock is being worked by Pavol's ass. Then Pavol stops riding and holds his ass for Ivan to fuck upwards. He fucks real hard, his cock really plowing into that open hole. Pavol then starts to ride again and how. He really is a great bottom as well as a fabulous top. Before long he wants to shoot his load so, kneeling before Ivan's face he dumps his load and Ivan sucks his cock clean. Then it is Ivan's turn and Pavol returns the favor. What a great scene this is, with two really good guys. They finish up by ending the scene with a kiss.

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