Wank Party 2012 #1

For our first Wank Party of 2012 we brought Mirek Ceslar and Honza Copak together with three very hot newcomers, Jan Sadecky, Danek Rovny and Tomas Strasak. The guys have decided to celebrate New Year in a leisure hotel. This first part starts with Jan finishing a shower and then joining Danek in the sauna room. They chat a while before Danek says it is too hot and he will go to the jacuzzi. We switch to the jacuzzi and find Tomas, Mirek and Honza already in situ. They call for Danek and Jan to join them. The guys have some fun taking turns to spread their asses to feel the water jets shooting out and then they open the champagne for a drink. They all charge their glasses and have a drink with Honza and Mirek playfully squirting the rest of the champagne over the others. As they drink and celebrate we see that something is happening under the water, hands are reaching for each others cocks, which soon start getting hard. Tomas goes further and starts to kiss Honza's body as he wanks him. He seems quite eager to do more and also kisses Jan's body before turning his attention back to Honza, and going down on his hard cock. Mirek follows the lead and sitting on the edge of the tub he invites Danek to suck his rock hard dick. Danek obliges, his mouth closing over that cock, eagerly. Honza moves to sit on the side of the tub, to give Tomas better access to his throbbing dick. Then Mirek and Jan stand so that Danek can suck on both of them. He takes turns on each of their big fat cocks. Then he focusses just on Jan's massive dick while Mirek goes to give Honza a taste of his big one as well. Danek's dick is throbbing and needs attention, so he sits and Jan goes down on him too. Honza sits next to Mirek and, after Tomas has a quick taste of his cock, they start to kiss as Tomas moves to suck on Danek. Tomas seems to love the sucking and soon the guys all crowd around him, so that he can suck all of them. But Jan isn't finished and as Danek sits again he starts to suck him, leaving Tomas with only two cocks to work on, but he is happy doing it. Jan and Danek swap roles for a while before Mirek invites Danek to rim Tomas' ass. Jan sucks on Mirek's throbbing cock as Tomas's feels a tongue on his hole while he sucks Honza. Things are really hotting up now. Jan and Danek seem to have taking a big liking to each other as they get together again, while Tomas satisfies Honza and Mirek. Mirek takes control and has Honza and Jan kneel and push their asses out, he pours champagne down the ass cracks and has Danek and Tomas lap at it. Danek gets the bottle and rubs the neck of it over Jan's ass hole, as if he is going to push it in, but he pours more champagne over it instead. Danek and Tomas rim the holes as the champagne flows. What a lovely start to this Wank Party, with the guys enjoying themselves immensely, and promising to continue the action in part 2.

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