Paul and Rudy - Screen Test

Rudy Bodlak is a great looking guy who we did a Broke Czech Boys shoot with, which also featured his friend. He was so good in that and readily agreed to more work, so the very next day we had him into the studio again, for this Screentest, with Paul Fresh. After a brief interview Rudy shows us just how ready he is by getting into kissing with Paul and feeling his body. They kiss each other and very quickly their hands move to the other's groin. Paul dips his hand into Rudy's underwear. Rudy takes the hint and does the same to Paul. The guys remove their underwear and start to kiss again. Then Paul leads, by taking hold of both cocks and starting to wank them. Then he leans over and starts to suck on Rudy's cock. He doesn't get an immediate reaction from his sucking so Rudy reciprocates and Paul's dick rapdily gets very hard. Rudy clearly wants to do a good job, as he sucks and wanks very well. Paul then holds Rudy's head and fucks his cock into his mouth, while wanking himself. His cock has grown so Paul starts to suck it again, this time getting a much better response. That cock is very hard now as Paul sucks on it and licks all up and down the shaft. Then he lifts Rudy's legs in the air and rims his ass. He laps at that tight hole and, spitting on it, starts to finger it. Then it is time for the big test, Paul gets Rudy on his knees and slides his dick into that hole and starts to fuck him. Rudy is really feeling it as that big cock fucks in and out, going nice and deep, but he takes it without complaint. Paul fucks that ass hard and fast and then changes position, with Rudy's ass high in the air and Paul fucking him again. Rudy moans a lot as that dick slams into his tight ass, then Paul pulls out and examines a nice open hole. He then lays on the bed and Rudy sits down on that big, throbbing dick. He fucks himself onto that cock and rides it before Paul holds him still and fucks upwards. Paul is soon ready to pop his load and moves to Rudy's open mouth and shoots his load into it and over his face. Rudy then takes the cock in his mouth again to clean it off. Paul bends to kiss Rudy's cum infused mouth and then lays his head on Rudy's stomach to receive his load. Rudy shoots a very nice load and Paul sucks his cock dry before kissing him again, ending a really good Screentest, where Rudy proved his worth as a bottom. He will surely be back for more. Next up for him should be a Wank Party.

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