Michal Herak & Drew Hemcak

Two very good guys, Drew Hemcak and Michal Herak feature in this duo. Michal is a small guy, who is a great bottom and Drew has shown us what a good top he can be too. Things start with the guys sharing a bottle of water, as they take a rest from working. They playfully spray each other with some water, as they work up to doing what they really want. Soon Drew has the courage he needs and stands up and kisses Michal. Michal responds in kind as they also start to feel each other's bodies. Drew takes the lead and removes Michal's jeans and sucks his already quite hard cock. That cock gets rock hard as it is sucked, with Michal holding Drew's head in place as he sucks. Michal then returns the favor by sucking Drew, whose dick looks very big indeed. Clearly Michal loves cock and really sucks and licks it, with relish. Drew is enjoying it and takes his cock and slaps it around Michal's face before pushing it back into his mouth. Drew then grabs Michal by the hair and pushes the cock in and out. Drew then wants more and Michal turns around so that his ass can get some attention. Drew rims that hot ass, tonguing the hole real well, before standing and pushing his big, long cock deep into that ass. He pounds that ass hard and fast, with Michal moaning at each thrust. Then Drew sits and Michal climbs on to ride that cock, bouncing up and down on it before Drew takes over and fucks his throbbing dick up into that willing hole. Michal can take it very well and drew grabs his legs, lifting them up so he can fuck even deeper, with Michal laying on his chest. It's not long before Drew needs to blow, which he does, dumping a nice big load into Michal's open mouth. Michal's tongue laps at the spent cock as he wanks himself to a very good climax. Drew moves into a 69 position to suck Michal's cock dry, with Michal also lapping at Drew's. What a lovely scene, with two very good guys.

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