Rudy Bodlak & Jan Sadecky

Rudy Bodlak and Jan Sadecky are both great additions to our ensemble, with good looks and very willing attitudes. So we decided to pair them up for a duo. The scene starts with Jan recling on the sofa, naked to the waist. He is feeling his body, running his chands over his chest, paying particular attention to rubbing his nipples. Then he get up onto his knees and continues to run his hands over himself. Suddenly he is joined by Rudy, who is standing behind him and his hands are working over Jan's body. As he does so Jan looks up into Rudy's eyes. Rudy slowly lowers his face and kisses Jan on the lips. Jan then starts to kiss and lick on one of Rudy's nipples, which clearly has an affect as Rudy opens his jeans to reveal that his cock is rock hard and in need of some attention. The jeans are pushed down so that we can see Rudy's bubble butt as Jan takes that stiff cock in his mouth and begins to suck. He sucks on Rudy's cock, taking it deep in this throat and then licking up and down the shaft. He then closes his mouth over that cock again and Rudy then starts to fuck it into Jan's mouth. A change of position sees Jan's jeans coming off and his cock rock hard too. As Jan lays naked, with his cock at attention Rudy takes some oil and rubs it over Jan's chest and then starts to suck on that big cock. It looks massive as Rudy sucks on it, with his lips closed tight around the head and working up and down on it. Then he starts to lick on the shaft as well before Jan fucks that mouth. Jan wants to move things on, and places Rudy on his back, with his legs in the air. He takes some oil to lubes Rudy's ass and then he begins to finger that tight hole. The finger goes in very deep, with Rudy grimacing somewhat as it does. Then a second finger works its way in a little, before coming out and being replaced by a thumb. Jan judges that Rud's hole is ready and puts him on his knees and slides his big, fat cock deep inside. He starts to fuck Rudy, slowly at first, with Rudy feeling every thrust. Then Jan speeds up and fucks that tight ass nice and deep. The guys change position, with Rudy sitting on that big dick and riding it, his own cock bouncing around as he does so. Jan then starts to fuck up into that ass and the guys take turns in doing the work, with Jan's cock stretching Rudy's hole wide as it is filled with big cock. Jan is ready to cum and Rudy lays down next to him Jan shoot his load all over Rudy's face. Rudy then sucks on Jan's spent cock. Rudy then moves up to Jans mouth and kisses him before laying down to deliver his cumshot. Jan kneels over Rudy and watches for the cum to shoot out of his cock, as Rudy wanks himself to a climax. Jan's then sucks on Rudy's cock to drain it completely before kissing him again, bringing a wonderful scene to an end.

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