Wank Party 2012 #2 - Part 1

For our 2nd Wank Party of 2012 we brought together a wonderful cast, Paul Fresh,Roman Lysacek,Rudy Bodlak,Mirek Ceslar and Jozef Vavrich. Mirek Ceslar is seen lighting candles and inviting in the other guys, for a meditation class. Mirek sits on a platform, in front of the guys and tells them to sit on the floor. Then he begins to take them through some thoughts, talking to them as they sit in position. He adjusts their positions and then tells them to gently fondle each other's hands. Next he instructs the guys to caress each other on the arm, from the shoulder downwards. Jozef and Rudy do it first, to Roman and Paul, and then they return the favor, with Paul going further and caressing Rudy's chest and leg. Following each of Mirek's instructions closely the guys touch each other as directed. Then Jozef and Rudy move closer to the other two and rub their hair. Mirek is gradually getting the guys to go further each time. Jozef and Rudy begin to, ever so gently, kiss the shoulers and necks of Roman and Paul. Then they place their hands on Roman and Paul's cocks, under instruction, rubbing the groin. Paul and Roman then do the same to Rudy and Jozef, but they are instructed to go further and kiss the guys. Their lips gently kissing each other as the hands are feeling their cocks. Mirek goes down on the floor and begins to get involved as well. Cocks are beginning to swell and soon Mirek tells Jozef and Rudy to suck cock. So Jozef begins to suck on Roman's large dick with Rudy doing the same to Paul. Mirek takes his cock out too and wanks himself as he watches the others. As Jozef continues to work on Roman Rudy moves to kneel between the standing Paul and Mirek, and takes turns sucking on each of them. It seems that all thought of meditation has left the guys as things speed up with Paul and Mirek really shoving their dicks into Rudy's mouth. Then everyone moves and suck more, with Paul sucking Jozef, who in turn is sucking Rudy, while he sucks Mirek. Roman is standing next to Mirek, being wanked and kissed by him. All their cocks are rock hard and the sucking continues unabated. Mirek moves things along, by removing his shorts and the others follow suit. This leads to a change of position, with Jozef on his back, legs up so that Rudy can play with his ass while Paul starts to suck Mirek. Rudy is soon fucking his rock hard cock deep into Jozef's ass as Jozef reaches to wank Roman at the same time. As Rudy continues to fuck Jozef's tight ass he also sucks Paul's big dick. Roman is also tasting cock, that of Mirek, rubbing his lips along its length. Paul is watching closely as Rudy's dick slams into Jozef as and he goes down on Jozef's hard cock to bring the first part to an end, with the promise of much more to come in Part 2.

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