Tomek Sirnad - EROTIC SOLO

Tomek Sirnad is 20 years old and lives in Nachod. He works in sales and enjoys playing football. Tomek looks very good indeed, as he does his interview. He is such a handsome guy and has a very good body. After the interview Tomek dons some boxing gloves for some shadow boxing, to demonstrate his technique. Then he takes a rope and shows us how he does his skipping training. He stops and removes his shorts, showing his more that adequate package, with the big soft cock hanging down over his balls. Taking the rope again he starts skipping, naked. As he skips his cock flops up and down, hitting his stomach. When he stops again we get a lovely close up of his cock, with a lot of overhanging foreskin. After a little more skipping Tomek is nicely warmed up and begins to feel his body, one hand rubbing his chest while the other takes hold of his cock. Quite soon his cock is swelling nicely, the skin pulled back revealing his cockhead. He has a big fat cock, and though not fully hard, at this point, it is very impressive. Tomek continues to feel his body, letting his muscles ripple as he does it. His hand keeps his cock engorged somewhat as he turns to show us a back view. His hands feel his ass, as we watch and soon he lays down and begins to wank his cock. A helping hand arrives and quickly takes over wanking on that cock. Tomek lifts his legs and exposes his ass. The hand applies some lube and introduces a vibrator, which he slides into Tomek ass. The vibrator is worked in and out of Tomek as and soon it is ready to try something fatter. So a clear dildo appears and is pushed into Tomek ass, stretching the hole very nicely. It fucks his ass for a while and then Tomek leaves for the shower to clean himself up. I really think Tomek looks wonderful and am hopeful that we can do more work with him soon.

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