Honza Forst - EROTIC SOLO

Honza Forst is aged 18 and lives in Kadan. He works as a motor mechanic and in his spare time he enjoys cars and football. What a great looking guy Honza is, such a handsome face. He starts off, in his video, by stowing his football in a locker and then leaning against it, in his football gear. His hands begin to run over his body and one hand drops teasingly to his leg, pulling his shorts up, showing us a real hairy thigh. He reaches in the leg of the shorts and, just for a moment, we think he is going to pull his cock out. But he is only teasing. Then he begins to lift his shirt, so we can see his body, before letting it fall again. One hand starts to play with his cock, thru the shorts, and again he teases us by pulling the leg of the shorts up. Honza really does have great thighs, from playing football. It seems that Honza's cock is growing in those shorts as his hands grab at it, and he suggestively squeezes it. He then pulls the waistband of the shorts down a bit and a nice hard cock flops into view, with a lovely pair of balls. Turning slightly to the side we get a great view of Honza's erection as he feels his chest. He removes his shirts and begins to wank that cock as he caresses his chest. His balls hang low and heavy as he wanks himself, slowly. Honza turns, with his back to the camera and bends over, very slowly removing his shorts and those glorious, hairy thighs are in full view, supporting a lovely ass. With his legs spread wide, and bent over, Honza looks thru the legs as he wanks his cock. Then he spreads his ass and we get a great view of his tight bung hole. What a lovely ass it is, and Honza uses both hands to spread the cheeks wide apart, to make sure we can see everything. He then lays down on a bench and begins to wank his big, fat cock. A helping hand arrives and begins to rub his hands over Honza's chest, oiling it so that is glistens. the hands then remove Honzas football boots and socks and oil those gorgeous thighs, before taking hold of his rock hard cock. The cock seems to swell even more in those hands, as they play with it, and with the balls. Honza lifts his legs in the air to expose his ass and the hands waste no time in oiling the ass and wanking on that cock. A finger slips into Honza's tight hole, and then two fingers, all the time the other hands wanks on that cock. Next a vibrator appears and slides into Honza's tight ass, while the hand wanks on his cock. Very soon Honza cannot hold back as his cock is wanked, and he deliver a load of creamy cum over the hands fingers. All the while the vibrator is working in his ass heightening the pleasure he feels. The hands milk that cock completely and rubs the vibrator over the tender cock head. Honza then goes off to the shower to clean up. What a lovely shoot from a very sexy model who has also done some wonderful full contact scenes for us.

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