Jozef, Tomas and Rado - FULL CONTACT

Jozef Vavrich, Tomas Strasak and Rado Princ, all very good models, feature in this scene. It starts with a uniformed Tomas attending Jozef. He holds a sliver tray , with drinks and cigarettes on it. Jozef takes a cigarette, for which Tomas proffers a light. Jozef begins to smoke the cigarette as he reads his magazine. He then takes a sip of his drink and goes back to his cigarette, but he is closely watching Tomas. Putting the cigarette down Jozef begins to touch Tomas, on the leg and then running his hand over the crotch. He undoes the zipper on Tomas' pants and slips his fingers inside. Changing position Jozef then works Tomas' hard cock out of the pants, tugs on it a couple of time and then begins to lick it. He sucks on the head as Tomas puts his hand on Jozef's head to gently guide him onto it. That cock is at full attention as Jozef works on it, and then pulls the balls out too, so that he can lick them. Jozef is sucking on the cock as Tomas puts his tray down, so he can concentrate of Jozef's body. With Jozef rubbing himself as he suck he is soon going to be rock hard as well. Jozef is feeding his cock into Tomas' willing move, and then as he bends to kiss him he starts to rub his crotch as well. Tomas is enjoying all the attention his cock is getting and removes his jacket and grabs Jozef's head and starts fucking his face. Tomas wants some of Jozef as well and lays him down, bending to kiss and caress him, undoing his jeans at the same time. Out pops a nice hard cock which Tomas starts to wank as his kisses Jozef's chest. Soon his tongue is flicking at the cock head and licking the shaft, before taking the cock fully in his mouth and sucking it. He sure knows how to suck too, he works his mouth all over the cock. Then he removes Jozef's jeans and his own pants before returning to the cock and balls for more.Tomas then climbs over Jozef, legs astride his head, so they are in a perfect position to suck each other. Tomas ass is spread nicely as his cock is deep in Jozef's mouth. Tomas sits up slightly, so his ass is right over Jozef's mouth. Jozef grabs those ass cheeks, pulls them apart and his tongue hits the sweet spot as he rims the hole. Jozef is keen to get more of that ass and the guys stand up, with Tomas bent over. Jozef slides his cock deep into Tomas ass and fucks him nice and hard. His cock is ramming in and out of that hot hole, stretching it wide as it pounds away. Tomas loves it and looks back at Jozef as he fucks him deep and hard. With his cock deep in Tomas ass Jozef leans over and kisses him. The scene changes to Rado Princ, sitting back, in just his underwear. Tomas and Jozef both rampantly hard join Rado and begin to kiss and caress him. Soon Rado is fully naked too, with his big fat dick hard and ready for action. Tomas and Jozef are both very eager to taste that big cock and take turns in sucking on it. Rado then positions the guys, on their knees, next to each other with asses sticking out. He wastes no time in shoving his massive cock deep in Jozef's ass. He fucks him real deep, all that cock shoving right in that hot hole. Rado then pulls out and shoves his cock into Tomas' waiting hole. He really fucks Tomas deep too and then moves back to ram that cock back into Jozef. As Rado's dick pummells Jozef's ass Tomas is rubbing Jozef's head. That thick shaft is working in and out of Jozef's hole and he is taking it so well. Then the guys move so that Tomas is on his back, legs up, with Jozef astride him. Both their asses are available to Rado, who opts to fuck Jozef again first. He fucks him a while and then pulls Jozef back a bit and shoves that dick deep into his ass for more too. Then it is back to Tomas and his ass gets plugged again, his hole eager to get as much as it can. Rado then gets the guys back on their knees as he is ready to shoot his load. He squirts it over their faces and then they suck at his cock to clean it off. Rado then leaves the guys to themselves again. They kiss each other before Tomas stands and shoots his cum over Jozef's face. Jozef sucks on that spent cock before he stands and dumps a nice big load all over Tomas' face. Tomas returns the favor and sucks on Jozef's sticky cock, to clean it off. What a lovely scene, with all the guys in top form. This is one to watch time and time again, I am sure.

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