Mirek and Dima - Screen Test - FULL CONTACT

Newcomer Dima Lauren came in for a screentest, with Mirek Ceslar recently. Mirek is very experienced and starts by leaning over to kiss Dima, and rub his chest. He then moves his hand down and goes into Dima's undies. They get up onto their knees and feel each other thru the undies as this kiss some more.Mirek bends Dima over and pulls the undies off his ass, spreading his cheeks. He then stands up and his hard cock is presented to Dima for sucking. Dima takes it in his mouth and sucks it very well. His mouth is full as Mirek holds his head and fucks the cock into his face, so deep that he gags. The undies come down some more so we see Mirek's balls swinging as he fucks Dima's mouth. Mirek then removes the undies and sits on the bed, his cock standing proud as Dima kneels beside him and continues to suck it. Dima is hard too and Mirek switches to suck him a while before they move to 69. Mirek's balls are resting on Dima's nose as his mouth is full of cock. His own rock hard dick is holding Mirek's attention too, being sucked nice and hard. They change position and continue to suck each other. Dima really seems to love the taste of cock. Mirek wants more though and is soon rimming Dima's ass, preparing it for more. He slips a finger into that sweet hole, and quickly follows it with another. He stretches that hole with his fingers, and then the cheeks are spread, with the hole wide open, and Mirek spits into it. They are both ready for more and Mirek sits again, so that Dima can climb on and ride that big, hard cock. Mirek fucks that ass nice and fast, his dick ramming all the way in. Then Dima takes over, working his ass up and down on the cock as he wanks himself. He really knows how to take it and soon changes position, with Mirek kneeling behind him pounding that eager hole. He really fucks it well, going nice and deep as Dima wanks himself. Then Dima turns over, to missionary position and Mirek shoves his big dick in again and, holding Dima's legs in the air, continues to deep dick his ass. Mirek's cock is building up to explode and he moves to Dima's face and shoots his nice big load all over it. Dima ends the scene by taking Mirek's cock in his mouth to drain the last of the cum from it. Dima certainly proved himself to be a great bottom in this scene, taking all the Marek could give him.

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