Jan Sadecky and Jan Mikulec - FULL CONTACT

Jan Sadecky and Jan Mikulec are two really handsome guys, and both are very well built. Jan M is a newcomer and I was very keen to get him on guy-guy action, so we paired him with Jan Sadecky. They start off by kissing, as they kneel, facing each other. Then we see their hands on each others' crotches. As they kiss they are both very hard in their undies. Jan S pushes his down and his massive cock flops out. Jan M takes hold of it and start to wank it as Jan S rubs his hand over his friends undies. Jan M's undies come down as well and his cock is rock hard too. Jan S takes hold of it to wank it as well. Jan M then stands and presents his cock for sucking. Jan S takes that cock in his mouth and begins to suck on it. He takes it deep in his mouth and suck it. Then he licks all along the shaft and balls before sucking more. His mouth is working all over that cock and Jan M begins to fuck it into Jan S' mouth. Jan M then lays on the bed, with his ass presented for rimming. Jan S licks at that hole, wetting it up nicely. Then, with Jan M on his knees, Jan S slides his huge cock deep into that ass. He really pumps that cock deep into Jan M's ass, and after a while changes position, to spoon, so we get a get view of his big dick deep in that hole. Another change of postion, with Jan M's leg in the air, the pounding of his ass continues. Jan M's cock is rock hard as his hole is being filled. Jan M is really taking that cock very well and soon he moves to sit on the cock and rides it nice and deep into his hole. Jan M wants to cum and moves into missionary position, wanking his cock and shooting a big, creamy load. Jan S kisses him and goes down on the spent cock to drain it completely. Then he wants to cum too, and lays back on the bed, with Jan M positioning himself so that he can suck that big cock and catch that cum in his mouth and on his face. Jan S soons shoots his load, over Jan M's face and he goes down on the cock again for a final suck. What a really great scene, with two really handsome guys.

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