Josef Koranda - SESSION STILLS

Jozef Koranda is 18 years old and lives in Bystrice. He is currently unemployed and likes football and parties. He is a really good looking guy, with a lovely smile. Jozef takes his time getting naked, making sure we see each part of his body in turn. He has a very good build, his chest looking good as he poses. Once his jeans are down we see his cock in its flaccid state, surrounded by silky pubes. It all looks splendid. Jan also shown a lovely ass, the crack covered in more of that ilky hair. He doesn't stint, either, on some great shots of a nice hard cock, before going onto his back and lifting his legs to give us a show of his ass again, this time with the hole fully exposed. This is a really good shoot with Jozef, that portends very well for his erotic video, next week.

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