Danek, Jan and Michal - CZECH UP

Today's Czech Up features Michal Tyser as the patient, with Dr Jan Sadecky and Sister Danek Rovny. Danek is sporting a new hairstyle which doesn't look as good as his normal one, I think. Danek tells the doctor that a cute looking patient is waiting. He is told to bring him in and Michal arrives, with an injured hand and knee. He is instructed to strip his clothes off. Michal gets naked and dons the medical gown, which Danek ties as the back. Then Michal is told to sit in the chair, so that Jan can examine him. One leg is placed in a stirrup, which lifts the gown, exposing Michal's cock and balls, while his hand his checked. Jan removes the bandage from Michal's hand and inspects the injury, applying some antiseptic to keep it clean. Jan then begins to inspect Michal's painful leg. It seems to be ok, but Jan decides that a full medical inspection is needed. Danek lifts the gown, exposing his chest, so that Jan can check it. He checks the chest and abdomen and then has Michal lift his legs, to check his temperature. As Jan is temperature Danek begins to rub Michal's cock, and it gets hard very quickly. As Danek slowly wanks the cock Jan bends over and begins to lick it. As he does so Danek turns Michal's head and begins to kiss him. Jan loves the cock and sucks on it and on the balls as Danek continues with his kissing. Jan wants to explore more and Michal's gown is removed, with Jan working his way up the body, as Danek wanks on the cock. Danek then starts to suck on Michal's throbbing cock as Jan pulls his own hard dick out and presents it to Michal for sucking. Jan shucks his pants down, revealing his big, fat cock and huge balls, as Michal starts to suck him. Jan's top comes off too, and he looks magnificent with Michal on the end of his dick. Danek works hard on Michal's cock too. Michal loves that cock and Danek soon wants in on the action, so he pulls his hard cock out too and Michal begins to suck on it. Now he has two cocks to work on, while Danek and Jan kiss, above his head. Michal takes turns on each of the big hard cocks and wanks himself as the same time. Jan has other ideas though and lubes Michal's dick and has Danek sit on it. He sits his ass on the cock and rides up and down on it. As his cock is ridden by Danek Michal sucks on Jan's mighty member. Jan then changes positions with Michal and Danek rides his dick too. Again, as Danek bounces on that big cock Jan sucks on Michal's. Danek really loves that big cock of Jan's and works his ass all over it, kissing Michal at the same time. Danek lifts off Jan's cock and Jan wanks himself to a mighty climax as he sucks on Michal's cock. Danek stands and shoots a nice creamy load into Michal's mouth. Michal loves it and sucks the cock dry, bringing a wonderful scene to a close with some hot kissing.

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