Honza Forst & Kaja Kolomaz - FULL CONTACT

We brought Honza Forst and Kaja Kolomaz in for a duo. I must say they look good together, with contrasting skin tones. As we first see them they are laying on the bed kissing and each with a hand feeling the other's crotch. As the kissing continues Kaja's hand slips under the waistband of Honza's jeans to feel his cock. Honza responds by pushing his hand into Kaja's underwear to grab his cock too. Kaja then really gets to work on Honza's body, licking an armpit and then licking his chest, as he continues to grope his cock. He licks on Honza's nipples, kissing them until Honza wants to respond in kind. He leans over Kaja, kissing thru his top, and then lifting it to reveal his, somewhat, hairy torso. Honza also pulls Kaja's hard cock out thru the leg of his underwear. He immediately takes it in his mouth and begins to suck it, also licking at the balls. He sucks and licks at Kaja's cock a while before removing the underwear. Kaja raises his legs so that Honza can access his ass hole. Honza laps at the hairy hole, with his tongue, also licking on the balls, before slipping a finger in. He fingers the hole a while before dropping his jeans and presenting his own throbbing dick to Kaja for some hot mouth action. Kaja takes that cock in his mouth and sucks on it as Honza fucks it in and out. Honza enjoys the feeling of Kaja's lips around his cock and lets him suck a while before wanting to feel some ass lips around it. He moves into position and slides his rock hard cock deep into Kaja's willing ass. Honza fucks Kaja's ass deep and slow, then builds up the speed somewhat really forcing his cock in as far as he can. Kaja loves the feeling of that big dick deep in his ass, but wants more, so they change postion so that Honza can ride it. He works his ass up and down the shaft of Honza's cock as his own cock throbs, mightily. Another change of position, into doggy, lets Honza control the fucking again and he really pounds as Kaja' ass. Honza is really horned up and needs to blow so he moves to Kaja's face and drops a big stringy load over his face, with cum hanging of his nose. Kaja takes the spent cock in his mouth to drain it completely. Honza then lays down for Kaja to shoot his load over his cock and balls. Kaja then leans down and kisses his way up Honza's body to finally kiss him on the lips bringing a wonderful scene to a very appropriate end.

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