Milos Zambo and Mattias Solich - FULL CONTACT

Milos Zambo and Mattias Solich are two great guys. We got them together and sest up this Meditation scenario, as a visitor had bought a Buddha mask that Boris wanted to include in the scene. Mattias walks into the room, with a candle and places it on the altar. Milos arrives as well, kneels to light his candle. As he is kneeling opposite Mattias we see his cock bobbing under his robe, as he closely watches Mattias. Milos uncovers his cock, which is rock hard. Mattias opens his eyes and sees Milos kneeling in front of him, his hard cock sticking right out in front. Milos stands and moves towards Mattias, with his cock just at mouth level. Mattias opens his mouth and takes the head of that big cock in it. He begins to suck it, gently. Milos' hand holds the back of Mattias head in place as his cock is sucked. Mattias own cock is rock hard too, as he works his mouth over Milos'. Mattias then lays down and Milos kneels over his face so that his cock and balls can be licked. Then Milos wants some of Mattias hot ass. He lays down and Mattias sits his ass down on that throbbing cock. Milos begins to fuck upwards into Mattias tight hole, with Mattias' massive thighs astride him. Mattias leans back and lets Milos get to work on that ass, his cock going in real deep. Mattias loves the feel of that cock deep in his ass, and lifts his legs in the air as Milos pounds his hole. Mattias then turns around and sits back down on Milos' dick and begins to ride up and down on it. He leans forward and kisses Milos as he fucks himself onto that big, fat cock. A change to a spoon position gives Milos more control of his fucking and he really starts to fuck Mattias deep, with long, smooth strokes. As his ass is fucked so deep Mattias wanks himself and blows a huge, creamy load over his leg. Milos loves the feel of that ass wrapped tight around his cock and soon he needs to cum as well. He pulls out and shoots his load on Mattias to bring a lovely scene to a close.

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