Janda Micka is aged 28 and comes from Frydek-Mistek. He is self-employed and in his spare time enjoys cycling. Janda looks very good as he starts his shoot. He poses a bit, so that we see his splendid body, with its six-pack. Then he drops his jeans a bit and reveals a nicely rounded ass for us. Turning he shows us his cock, laying on his balls, with the foreskin over the head. Then he gets that cock nice and hard, leaning back so that it points skywards. He certainly knows how to show himself off to full effect. Not stinting, either, on the ass shots Janda lays back and pulls his legs up, spreading his cheeks with both hands so we get a great view of his tight hole. This is a very good shoot indeed, and whetted my appetite for his erotic video.

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