Wank Party 2012 #5

We have a great line-up for our latest Wank Party, Tomek Sirnad, Kaja Kolomaz, Daniel Malecky, Milos Zambo and Lukas Pribyl. Lukas, Kaja and Milos are playing ball while Tomek is barbecuing some meat, watched by Daniel. When the food is ready the guys all sit around the table and open some beer as Tomek serves the food. Then, having eaten they begin to play ball again. Lukas leaves them playing and goes inside. He strips off and towels himself. He is joined by Milos who starts to caress him and soon Lukas' cock begins to grow. Milos takes hold of it, feeling how hard it is. He continues to caress Lukas' body and soon drops his own shorts to reveal his hard cock too. The two cocks come together as Lukas begins to feel Milos body too. Milos takes hold of both cocks, in one hand and wanks them. Milos is really turned on and goes down to suck on Lukas' hard cock. He takes it in his mouth and begins to suck and, soon, Lukas starts to fuck Milos face. The other guys all arrive and catch them at it, and soon begin to join in. Milos sucks Lukas again and then hands over to Tomek to taste Lukas' cock. Kaja then begins to suck on Milos rock hard cock too. Tomek's cock needs sucking too so the guys move around so that Daniel and Kaja can suck him as he sucks Milos. Kaja turns and starts to suck Lukas as Kaja sucks his cock. Daniel sucks on his balls at the same time. Tomek switches back and forth between Lukas and Milos and Daniel takes over sucking Tomek while Kaja feels his balls. As we leave them, for the time being Tomek is sucking on Lukas who, still rock hard, wanks on Milos big cock. All the guys are having a great time and things will get even hotter in part 2.

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