Wank Party 2012 #6

Kaja Kolomaz, Tomek Sirnad, Roman Ditrich, Albert Kroka and Radim Valovy are our featured models in Wank Party 2012 #6. Here we have part one, with the guys walking over the bridge to an island on the Vltava River, for some soccer practice. Having arrived at the pitch they remove their tee-shirts and set about some stretching exercises, led by Albert, before beginning their practice. In reality it is a short practice with a bit of a kick-about and then some practice at taking penalties. The guys then collect their shirts and go off for a refreshing shower. In the shower they wash themselves and each other, paying particular attention to the washing of the cock and balls. We get some great views of overhanging foreskins as the stand there with water running over the bodies. Then the guys collect their towels and move out of the shower area. Dressed in just the towels it seems that the guys have noticed something bulging under Radim's. They remove his towel, exposing a very stiff cock, which Roman wastes no time taking hold of and wanking. Kaja, Albert and Tomek remove their towels as Roman leans forward to kiss Radim as he wanks him. Roman then drops to his knees and begins to suck on Radim's big, hard cock. Meanwhile Kaja is playing with Tomek's dick too and grabbing for Alberts. Soon the three of them are hard and Kaja sits on the bench so that he can suck on Tomek's cock, with Roman continuing to work on Radim's. Then Kaja turns so that he can suck on Albert as well. Radim wants to taste cock too and goes down on Roman. Kaja's cock is standing at full attention as he sucks Tomek and Albert in turn. Kaja and Radim both do a great job of sucking their friends, with Albert and Tomek kissing each other. Then Tomek moves so that Roman can suck his big, hard cock and Radim moves to join Albert and Kaja. Albert lays down on the bench, so that Kaja can suck him and he can take Radim's cock in his mouth at the same time. Very soon Kaja climbs over Albert and they begin to 69. Kaja's ass is nicely presented to Radim, which he eagerly starts to finger. Roman pends over and has his hole teased by Tomek's throbbing oock. But Tomek isn't ready to fuck yet, instead he starts to rim Roman's willing hole. Radim's finger is working well to loosen Kaja's hot hole so, as we leave the guys at the end of part 1, things have progressed very well and they are ready for more, in part 2.

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