Jan Mendel - CZECH UP

Jan Mendel is the subject of a Czech Up with Dr Mirek Ceslar and Sister Roman Ditrich. Jan arrives home, hobbling into the room holding his side. He phones the medical centre to report that he is injured and needs to be seen by a doctor, but cannot make it to the office. Mirek and Jan duly arrive, letting themselves in. Jan reports that he injured himself playing football and his stomach is in pain. Mirek begins an examination and applies some cream to the injured area,gently massaging it in. Roman soothes Jan's arms at the same time. Mirek gently investigates the injured area, his fingers feeling for any potential problems. He feels the pants and something doesn't seem quite right, so he opens them to find that despite, his injury, Jan's cock is rock hard. Roman passes Mirek a thermometer which he uses to guage Jan's temperature by holding it in his piss slit. Jan's cock shows no signs of going down so Mirek begins to, slowly, feel it and the balls. Roman leans over and start to kiss Jan as Mirek goes down on that cock and starts to suck it. It seems that Roman is hard too and he opens his pants and pulls his cock out, moving round so that Jan can suck it as Mirek continues to suck him. Mirek then removes Jan's shorts to give him better access. His mouth closes over Jan's cock again as he sucks him more. Jan is working on Roman's dick too, all thoughts of injury seems to have disappeared as Roman is touching the injured area without a problem. The cream has worked very well. Mirek wants to have his cock sucked too and,removing his pants, changes places with Roman who starts sucking Jan. Jan sucks on Mirek's big hard cock as his own is worked on very well. Jan is clearly feeling much better as he gets on his knees, with Roman and Mirek standing either side of him, so that he can suck each of them in turns about. Mirek and Roman kiss each other as their cocks are sucked. Jan is loving those cocks and feels them slapped against his face as he sucks each of them in turn. He wanks himself as Mirek forces his head as far over Jan's cock as it can go. Then he grabs Jan's head and shoves his cock all the way down his throat, fucking his face. Jan can certainly deep throat a cock and does it to both guys. Then they get him on his back and Roman starts to rim his ass as Mirek 69s him as well. Despite getting their pleasures the medics dont forget their duties and probe Jan's ass with a scope to check him out. All seems well and the guys move so that Mirek is laying down with Jan above him in a 69 while Roman's dick is fucking Jan's hot ass. Roman fucks that ass as hard as he can while Mirek fucks the willing mouth too. Mirek is feeling so hot he needs some ass action and they move again, so he can fuck Jan's hole. Roman sucks on Jan's cock at the same time. Before long Mirek cannot hold back and pulls his cock out of Jan's ass and shoots a nice big load. This inspired Roman who squirts his load into Jan's open mouth. Jan closes his mouth around that cock to clean it up as the scene comes to an end, with his injury forgotten.

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