Tomas Kukal-Erotic Solo

Tomas Kukal is aged 21 and live in Tatobity, which is a very small village near Liberec. He is a student and enjoys sports, particularly bodybuilding. It is clear from the outset that Tomas is built. He lifts his top to show some stunning abs and begins to move slowly as he flexes his muscles for us. As he takes the top of we see the full glory of his chest. Clearly he has worked very hard on his body. Opening his jeans Tomas slips a hand inside as he also feels his body. Then, opening the jeans and shucking them down some we see that his cock is rock hard already. He wanks on that cock as he gyrates for us. Then continues as he flexes the other arm. Oh my gosh how good he looks, rock hard and flexing. Each pose shows a different aspect of his musculature, all perfectly formed. Tomas lays down and does some ab crunches, which again displays him perfectly. That handsome face looks straight into the camera as he wanks himself. Then Tomas lifts those thick legs and shows a tight ass and hot hole. He gets onto his knees and bends over to continue showing his ass, spreading those cheeks very well. Making sure we get a full measure of views of his ass Tomas wanks his cock at the same time. Next he stands and takes some oil, which he uses on that fabulous body. He oils that perfect chest and wanks some into his cock too. When he is fully oiled Tomas takes some weights and starts exercising, his cock standing proud. Then after some more wanking Tomas goes off to shower.

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