David Kadera & Tomas Kukal

Tomas Kukal and David Kadera are both very well defined guys. They are in the gym for training, with David assisting Tomas as he lifts the dumbells. Then they reverse and Tomas helps David. His hands run over David's biceps as the weights are lifted, and then a hand drifts onto his chest. David stands and stretches an arm out, muscles rippling as Tomas runs his hands up and down it. Then Tomas does the same with the other arm. Then it is Tomas' turn to do some more weights and David gives him the same attention. They are clearly into each other's bodies as they train, slowly and senuously. David goes further and begins to lick Tomas' chest. He encourages Tomas' to kiss him and then stands him up and contiues to lick his chest, and his him. Tomas appears to have a very hard cock in his jockstrap. David licks the jockstrap and pulls it open to release Tomas' cock, which is standing fully to attention. David licks the cock and the balla and takes the head in his mouth. He sucks on that throbbing cock before standing so that Tomas can undress him. David's cock is rock hard too and Tomas quickly goes down and begins to suck it. He looks magnificent as he is bent over and sucking David's cock. The guys are both so horny and have a cock fight before David bends Tomas over and begins to rim his beautiful ass. He rims that tight hole and slips a finger in to test it out. Tomas takes it very well so David is encourage and wants to go further. He stands and soon as his cock depp in Tomas' ass. Tomas really feels it as it rams into his hole, but is very eager to please and take as much as he can. David continues to fuck as hard as he can with Tomas relaxing into it, and taking it very well. David then has Tomas turn onto his back for more fucking, his ass now very receptive to taking that throbbing cock. Tomas is wanking himself and shoots his load with David pushing his dick back into that ass for more fucking. It's not long before David is ready to cum as well and he moves to shoot his load over Tomas' face. It is a nice creamy load and Tomas takes the spent cock in his mouth to clean it off. What a lovely shoot with two magnificent specimens of manhood.

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