Wank Party 2012 #7

Rado Smutny, Mattias Soslich, Anton Malac, Mirek Hodbod and Patrik Lukasz make a fabulous line-up for our latest Wank Party. We join the five of them as they are at the beach enjoying a leisurely game of volleyball. All are naked as they play, Mattias and Rado against Patrik, Mirek and Anton. They aren't taking the game too seriously and, after a while, they leave it and have a little play on a roundabout. As they spin round and round the camera is at groin level and we see the cock and balls of each guy going through the frame. Then they climb onto the roundabout and their asses are in full view. Next it is time to get into the lake, and the 5 guys run down to the water, dicks flapping around as they do. They swim out a bit, into the lake and begin to play with Mattias and Rado lifting the others, in turn, and tossing them as far as they can into the water. Having enjoyed themselves for long enough with their play they move inside to continue the fun. Mattias takes charge and begins to train the guys. firstly making them bend over to touch their toes. Mattias spanks each of them on the ass in turn and tells them to get naked. They do as they are told and bend over again, with those beautiful asses in full view. When they stand up, as ordered, and turn around each of them is fully erect. Mattias walks along the line, inspecting the hard cocks and then stands in the middle of the line to have his shorts removed too. He is rock hard too and Anton wastes no time in dropping to his knees and sucking on Mattias cock. Rado and Mirek lean over and begins to kiss Mattias' nipples. Rado then begins to kiss Mattias as Patrik takes over the sucking from Anton. Anton wants cock though and, after kissing Rado begins to suck him. Mirek takes over sucking from Patrik, sucking and licking Mattias thick, hard cock. Mattias wants to taste dick too and as Mirek comes of his cock he goes down on Rado's big one. Then he sucks Anton as well while Patrik is working on Mirek's dick. Rado drops to his knees, joining Mattias, and he begins to suck Anton. Mattias wanks himself and Rado, with Mirek now sucking on Patrik's cock. Mattias takes over from Rado, on Anton's cock and Rado gets lower to suck on him too. All the guys have big, hard erections and change again, so that Mattias gets a taste of Mirek's big cock while Anton sucks on Patrik. Rado moves to allow Anton access to a second cock to suck, which he eagerly accepts into his mouth. Mattias loves that big dick of Mirek, his lips close tight around it, sucking hard as he wanks himself. Patrik and Rado go down on their knees to enjoy Anton for a while, with Rado slapping on Patrik's hot ass. Anton moves over to join Mattias in sucking Mirek while Patrik has Rado's massive cock all to himself. Rado then sucks Patrik, in return, deep throating his cock. Mattias moves over to join them and Patrik is quick to begin sucking him as Mirek takes a turn on Anton's dick. These guys really enjoy cock and make sure they all get to suck each other. With Rado now sucking Mirek and Anton and Mattias chowing down on Patrik. Things are really hotting up now and it can't be long before they want to take things even further. But first they want to make sure that everyone has sucked as much as they want. Mattias lays back on the sofa enjoying the feel of Rado and Mirek sucking him hard, while Anton is working on Patrik, his lips clasped so tight around that thorbbing cock. Mattias is the first to break, he is keen to go further, and lifts his legs in the air, exposing his hole. Rado eagerly starts to lap at that hole, his tongue dipping inside. Patrik picks up on the idea and has Anton on his knees, ass pushed back so that he can rim his hot hole too. That is where we leave the guys for the time being, with everyone horned up and wanting more.

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