Wank Party 2012 #8

Our August Wank Party is studded with great guys, Kaja Kolomaz, Roman Ditrch, Milos Zambo, Lukas Pribyl and Tomas Kukal. Lukas Pribyl had an accident, in real life, with his first every ride on a motorcycle. As a result one of his ankles was in plaster. So we organised the Wank Party around that. We see Roman and Tomas sitting on a couch in the Doctor's waiting room exchanging stories about why they are there. Lukas arrives and joins them on the couch. Then the medical staff open the door and take Lukas, who has an appointment, in for examination. Tomas and Roman, despite protestations, are made to sit and wait longer. Lukas' examination begins and things seem to be ok. He asks for his blood test results and then tells the doctor that his back hurts. So they decide to examine him more closely. Lukas is told to remove his clothes. He lays, naked, on the examination table and the Milos and Kaja begin to examine his back. Milos puts on some surgical gloves and slides a finger into Lukas' ass to check his prostate. Then he is turned over and Milos drops all pretense and immediately starts sucking on Lukas' cock. Kaja is rubbing himself and pulls out a hard dick which Lukas takes hold of and wanks. Milos stands up and drops his pants to reveal a throbbing cock and then gets completely naked before starting to suck Lukas again. Meanwhile Lukas begins to kiss and suck on Kaja's cock and wanks Milos. They move so that Lukas is sitting up and Milos lays next to him, sucking his cock while Kaja sits as well and sucks on Milos' big cock. Then, as Milos continues to Lukas Kaja moves round and presents his ass. Lukas fingers and rims that tight hole and, before long, wants more. He gets up on his knees and shoves his dick in that eager hole. Milos moves round and feeds his cock into Kaja's mouth for sucking. It all gets very hot indeed and the medics want some ass too. They move Lukas to that his is on his back, legs in the air and take turns to rim his ass. Then Kaja is first up and slides his rock hard cock deep into Lukas ass. He fucks that ass nice and slowly before moving aside for Milos to take over. His dick slips easily into Lukas' open hole and he begins to fuck. He fucks nice and deep as Kaja leans over to kiss Lukas. As he feels that cock deep in his ass Lukas wanks himself and shoots a big, creamy load all over his stomach. He then moves aside so that Kaja can get on the table and have his ass worked by Milos' rampant cock. His hole is stretched wide as he is fucked, wanking himself. Lukas kisses Milos as the action continues and very soon Kaja shoots his load too. That sets Milos off and he fucks even faster before pulling out and shooting his load as well. As the guys begin to dress we see into the waiting room and find that Tomas is on his knees sucking on Roman's big cock. They are by the door and it is clear they have been watching through the keyhole. As everything is quiet Tomas checks again and sees that the guys are dressing, so he and Roman quickly take their places back on the sofa. Kaja and Milos announce that they must have a 30 minute break and leave Tomas and Roman to wait longer. We will see just what they do to occupy their time in part 2.

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