Jan Panik - Erotic Solo

Jan Panik is 18 years old and comes from Prague. He is a student who enjoys athletics, football and his friends. Jan looks good as he sits, barefoot with lovely hairy legs, for his interview. Then we see him barechested, with a helping hand running his hand over it. Jan's chest is very well developed and the hand works all over it and then opens the jeans. We glimpse Jan's fat cock in those jeans and the hand keeps working, rubbing just above the cock. Then it pulls on the jeans and jan's cock flops out, already quite hard and with a nice bulbous head. The hands then remove Jan's jeans and that fat cock is standing fully to attention as some oil is rubbed over his body. His balls hang heavy beneath his cock as well. Some oil is dripped onto the cock and the hands take hold of it and begins to slowly stroke. Jan cannot avoid it, and he quickly shoots a nice big load. Jan caught everyone by surprise at how quickly he came, before even showing his ass. But after the hand has milked the cock completely Jan turns over onto his knees to show us his hole. He has a nice hairy ass with a deep crack. Some oil is dripped onto the ass and rubbed well in, then the hands spread the cheeks to show the hole, surrounded by hair. With a final bit of wanking on that spent cock Jan is then sent off to the shower to clean up.

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