Zdenek Berdak & Lukas Pribyl

We invited Zdenek Berdak in for a Screentest, with Lukas Pribyl. Lukas drives up in his car, then he gets out and removes his shirt as he walks into the park. He stands around and watches as people pass by. Zdenek, on roller blades, goes past him, and then turns around to come back the other way. He is just coasting as he approaches Lukas again. Lukas says hi and asks if Zdenek can teach him to roller blada as well. He suggests going, in the car, for a drink. Zdenek goes back to the car with him and they get it. Then Lukas let's the real reason out, as he suggests they don't go for a drink but find something else to do. He starts by kissing Zdenek. Then his hand drops to Zdenek's shorts and starts to rub him. Pulling the shorts open we see that Zdenek's cock is quite hard and Lukas goes down on it. He sucks on that nice, fat cock a while. Then the scene changes and the guys are on a sofa, naked, with Lukas still sucking. His own cock is hard and he is wanking it as he sucks. He then moves, climbing on top of Zdenek, slipping his cock into his mouth for sucking as he leans over and begins to rim his ass. Lukas' tongue laps at that ass hole, and then begins to finger it, while his own cock is being sucked. Two fingers push into Zdenek's ass while he wanks on Lukas cock. Zdenek's ass is soon ready for cock and they change position so that he can sit himself down on Lukas' throbbing dick. He rides that cock a while and then turns around and sits down again, with Lukas thrusting his dick deep into that eager ass. Lukas really loves that ass and fucks nice and hard. He then puts Zdenek into missionary position and continues fucking him as hard as he can. Zdenek loves the feeling and wanks himself as well, soon shooting a mighty big load of cum. This soon sends Lukas over the edge too and he moves to shoot his cum all over Zdenek's chest and face. Zdenek then takes the sticky, spent cock into his mouth for cleaning before the guys kiss to bring his Screentest to a very nice end.

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