Marek Kral & Gregor Bortel

Marek Kral, a recent Street Hunting find, comes together with Gregor Bortel. We find them kneeling on the bed engaging in a prolonged bout of kissing. Then, Marek lays on the bed and allows Gregor to remove his shorts. Marek's cock and balls exposed Gregor immediately gets to work sucking on that cock, making it nice and hard very quickly. Marek's hand finds it way to Gregor's head, pushing it down on the now rock hard cock. Gregor's mouth moves up and down on that cock, savoring its firmness. Then he licks under the balls, as Marek's legs are spread showing his pucker hole. Gregor moves down and begins to lick that sweet hole, before a fingers slips inside. Fingering the hole Gregor sucks on Marek;s cock again. He moves up to kiss Marek again before laying down and removing his jeans, with Marek assisting. Gregor's cock is hard and Marek wastes no time in taking hold of it and beginning to suck. Marek does a great job sucking on that big cock with Gregor guiding the head right down on it. Marek turns around and, his ass presented to Gregor, waits for his hole to be filled. Gregor's bick cock slides into that tight hole, stretching it wide as it fucks in and out. It goes nice and deep and the guys change to a spoon position to continue the fun. Gregor really fucks that ass good, working his cock in and out. Moving Marek into missionary position he continues to plow that ass. Marek wanks himself as Gregor fucks him hard. Wanking that cock hard and fast Marek is soon moaning as his cum spurts out of it, with Gregor pounding his hole. Gregor scoops up that cum and wipes it over Marek's face, continuing to fuck him at teh same time. He really fucks hard at thath ass until he is ready to blow and pulls out to shoot his come all over Marek's ass. Then, sliding his cock back inside, Gregor leans over to kiss Marek again to end a really hot scene.

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