Wank Party 2012 #9 - Part 2

Dima Lauren, Jan Sadecky, Lukas Pribyl, Mirek Hodbod and Zdenek Berdak are the stars of Wank Party 2012 #9. In this second part we catch up with them exactly where we left them earlier. Dima is being sucked by Mirek as Jan watches and Lukas has his cock deep in Zdenek's mouth. Then Mirek stands up as Dima bends over. Dima takes Jan's massive cock in his mouth and takes Mirek's cock deep in his ass. His ass takes that cock all the way as he sucks on Jan. Zdenek continues sucking Lukas' rock hard cock too. Then is it all change as Lukas sits on the bench his cock pointing skywards as Mrek sits his ass down over it. Zdenek sucks on Dima's cock and presents his ass for Mirek to fuck him too. The fucking goes on apace as their holes are filled, with long deep thrusts. Mirek's cock stays fully hard as he rides on Lukas dick. Zdenek is enjoying being filled at both ends. Lukas kisses Mirek as he fucks him, his cock slamming up into that ass as hard as he can. Zdenek is taking Mirek's cock so well and sucking on Dima while Mirek comes off Lukas and begins to suck him. Then Lukas returns the favor, sucking on Mirek's hard cock too. Dima kisses Zdenek who wanks himself hard and fast as his ass continues to take Mirek;s throbbing cock. Mirek speeds up his fucking of Zdenek and Mirek sits back down on Lukas' and rides him. Mirek wanks his cock and soon blows a nice big load, his ass clamps so tight as he cums that he forces Lukas's cock out of the hole. The guys change around again with Zdenek on his back on the grass with Dima fucking him hard. Mirek is bent over for Jan to fuck him as well, while Lukas wanks himself. Dima is really into it as he fucks faster and faster, slamming his cock deep into Zdenek's ass. He pulls out and shoots a massive load all over him. Jan is soon ready too and shoots his cum all over Mirek's ass. This send Lukas over the top as well and he cums over Dima, who takes that big cock in his mouth to drain it completely to finish off a wonderful Wank Party.

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