Wank Party 2012 #10 RAW

We got Martin Bogdan, Rado Zuska, Gregor Bortel and Jozef Vavrich together for our latest Wank Party. We find Martin in an old farm house busy making a fire. Rado, meanwhile is outside chopping wood for the fire. His buddies Gregor and Jozef bring more wood for chopping and watch as the muscled Rado completes the task. Then they collect up the chopped wood and take it inside where Martin is sitting with his fire well set and burning fully. Once they have stacked the wood by the burning fire the guys stand around and begin to feel each others' bodies. They then remove their underwear and it seems that Martin is already quite hard. Rado has a quick feel of that hard cock and they continue touching and Martin leans over and kisses him. They guys take hold of each others cocks and start wanking them. Before long everyone is hard and Martin makes the next move, he drops to his knees and sucks on Gregor's cock. Rado takes his cue from that and sucks Jozef as well. But it is Martin who is really the hungriest, he begins to suck each of the other guys in turn, as they stand around him. He really gorges on those big, hard cocks. Then they all move and daisy chain with Martin sucking Rado, who does the same to Jozef who is taking his fill of Gregor's throbbing cock. When they are ready for more Jozef lays on the table with his legs up, so that Rado can rim his tight hole. Martin gets behind Rado and pushes is face into that muscled ass, his tonguing lapping at the hole. As Jozef wanks and sucks on Gregor's big cock he is being fingered by the hunky Rado. That hole is ready for more though and soon Jozef is sitting on Gregor's dick, ride it good and hard. At the same time Rado is thrusting his throbbing cock deep into Martin's eager hole. Gregor slams his dick up and down into Jozef's ass as Rado contiues to fuck Martin real deep. Martin has lifted a leg up to give better access to Rado's cock, that stretches his hole so good. Soon it is time to swap partners and Jozef lays on the table for Rado to plow his ass while Gregor lays beside him and Martin climbs on and rides him too. Martin really rides that cock and then Gregor takes over and fucks that hot ass. Martin leans over and kisses Rado as the fucking carries on, with Jozef wanking himself very hard as his ass is filled. Soon Jozef shoots his load and Martin wastes no time in going down on that spent cock to get some of the cum. The guys move again, this time Jozef is on his stomach with Rado's cock slamming into his hole. Martin is bouncing on Gregor's cock again and wanking himself as he rides. He soon shoots a big, creamy load over Gregor's body and the gets down to take Gregor's load in his mouth. Rado pulls out of Jozef's hole and shoots a massive load over that ass, milking his cock completely dry as Martin kisses Gregor to finish a wonderful scene.

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